Princeton Internships in Civic Service

PICS was established by Princeton University Alumni in the belief that community service is essential to the welfare of society and inspired by the rich tradition of Princeton and Princetonians "in the Nation's Service and in the Service of All Nations."


Princeton Internships in Civic Service from Melvin MCCRAY on Vimeo.

PICS - Changing lives! Award winning producer Melvin McCray ’74 puts the spotlight on an amazing alumni program
2015 Summer Internship Video

What interns are saying about PICS:

“I was not expecting to leave with such a sense of fulfillment and attachment to the organization itself. The Chief Nursing Officer assured [us] that our research would not end here but would cause changes to be implemented in the hospital due to our work. Throughout the internship I was treated with respect and was so honored to work with leaders who were passionate about improving hospital operations and believed that I could play a role in that. The experience has given an in depth look into both nursing and medicine. It has completely confirmed my desire to work in the healthcare industry. This was my goal going in. I now feel strongly that I want to do pediatrics.”

—Ellen Roop ’17