Princeton Internships in Civic Service

Application Process

Thank you for your interest in our program. Applications for Summer 2017 are now closed.

Become a PICS Community Partner Organization

Requirements to Host an Intern

  • Application (apply here)
  • Provide meaningful work
  • Financial Compensation – PICS interns are paid $450 per week for an 8-10 week internship.  In addition to providing the intern stipend, Partners will also be asked to contribute an internship management cost of $500. (please indicate if you request a review, which may be granted on a case-by-case basis)
  • Offer inspiring mentorship and professional development.

PICS will provide you with extraordinary candidates interested in your mission and in providing you with a substantial work product.  

We will:

  • Recruit the best candidates. (PICS averages over 550 undergraduate applicants each year)
  • Provide resumes and cover letters from applicants for your review.
  • Connect you with your applicants for in-person interview, and offer you the option of a first round alumni interview.
  • Handle the offer and acceptance processs.
  • Provide intensive pre-internship professional leadership and training orientation.
  • Offer interns guidance and counsel throughout the summer as well as provide them with alumni mentors.
  • Connect interns with opportunities to network during the summer.
  • Conduct annual site visits to partner organizations.


Download the Internship Description form. This form will include descriptions of your organization, the internship position and the desired qualifications for the intern. (Please note: Princeton students will read the Internship Description form in its entirety so please be as specific and detailed as possible about the internship. Please do not include any financial information in this section. This form will be available to the students online, via our website, so please also be sure that you include only information that you are comfortable sharing on the internet.)