Princeton Internships in Civic Service


  • Stipends are $450 per week (before taxes) unless otherwise noted. Work-study funding may be different; please click here for more information about Princeton financial aid requirements over the summer. International funding differs. Stipends are meant to help support student interns’ experiential learning opportunities.
  • Interns are required to work with their host organizations to determine pay schedule and internship dates. PICS interns are typically placed on the payroll of their host organization and are responsible for any and all tax liabilities. Federal work-study students may be paid through the Office of Student Employment. International funding differs.
  • Princeton alumni serve as partners during the summer for the student interns. The alumni partner is a Princetonion, interested in supporting intern during the internship but may not be directly engaged in student’s field of interest. This promotes the development of important and long-lasting connections between alumni and current and recent undergraduates.
  • Interns can apply to up to two organizations. The organizations then select those who will be offered first round interviews.
  • All returning Princeton students are encouraged to apply. Seniors are not eligible to apply. Please note: if you will be abroad in the spring, you must meet with us prior to leaving campus if you plan to apply. We will not accept applications from students who do not meet with us.
  • International students are welcome to apply for any internship. However, as PICS interns are generally placed on the payroll of the host organization, students are responsible for their own visa status and must determine before they apply whether they will be eligible to work in the United States through Optional Practical Training. (Note: there is a fee for the OPT visa) Please contact the Davis International Center for more information. Failure to promptly apply for your OPT visa may affect the start date of your internship, or result in the rescinding of an offer.
  • PICS internship offers are made by the PICS staff.  While students may apply to two internship opportunities, the offers are made on a rolling basis.  We encourage students to carefully consider their choices of internship placement as well as location as students will have 3 days to respond to an offer (Non- negotiable).  This sometimes means that  a student has not had time to hear from all possible opportunities.  PICS staff is available to discuss these opportunities in advance of applying.
  • Detailed internship evaluations written by former interns are available at Career Services (36 University Place).
  • Most of our internships do not provide housing. Please consider travel and housing expenses before submitting an application. Reasonably priced housing can often be obtained from universities, alumni networks, regional associations, and other programs in the area. For more information about summer housing, please visit our Housing Guide or Career Services‘ housing resource.
  • A mandatory orientation session will be held in April 2017. At orientation, interns will learn about how to make the most of their internship experiences, meet fellow PICS interns, and hear from former interns.
  • A mandatory evaluation of the internship must be submitted within two weeks of completing the internship. Failure to do so will result in a letter being submitted to the Dean of Students indicating a breach of the internship contract.
  • A mandatory Fall Reception must be attended where interns will share their experiences with other interns as well as with alumni and University staff.