Meet our Interns

PICS interns, from as early as their freshman summers, work in 8-10 week paid summer internships at nonprofit organizations.  The internships span across the United States and abroad.  Their work exposes them to cutting edge research, the challenges of climate change and energy policy, advocacy on behalf of the poor or marginalized, the struggle to maintain arts and cultural organizations,  bridging the educational achievement gaps, civic service on the city, state, and federal level, environmental sustainability, and global health.  PICS interns come from diverse backgrounds and a wide range of academic interests but are united in their desire to contribute to society and go forth from Princeton to lead and to serve.

I got to see first-hand a lot of the problems facing people who don’t always get much attention — the poor, the disabled and the undocumented. For me, there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing your actions contributed to aiding someone in their time of need. I am a sociology major and I’ve really grown as a thinker and a doer by combining sociology lessons with my internship experience.
— Xiaonan April Hu, Class of 2014


As an intern for Legal Services of New Jersey, Alexandra Aparicio helped the organization provide new ways for those in poverty to be connected to legal aid, and positively impact social determinants of health.
Mary Claire Bartlett was an intern for the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York. She learned about the inner workings of the legal system from Judge Pollack.
Kyle Lang worked with Every Hand Joined, a nationwide network of communities that seeks to allow every child the opportunity to thrive, from cradle to career.
Jonah Donnenfield performed statistical analysis on error data regarding upper spinal care in the trauma bay at Children’s National.
At the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Matthew Edelstein researched and crafted a report on major developments in California’s energy policy and how those trends are affecting California’s electricity markets.
Tea Wimer worked with Isles, an organization dedicated to fostering healthy living and sustainability in the Trenton community.
Ava Torjani participated in research and observed medical procedures at the Seattle Children's Hospital.
Imani Thornton learned about policy and legislation while interning with State Senator Heather Steans.
Rebecca Sobel worked with Supportive Housing Network NY, conducting research and analyses, writing blog posts, and learning about housing for the most vulnerable New Yorkers.
Genevieve Medina worked at Bostons Children's hospital, conducting clinical research on tonsil malignancy in pediatric patients and watching surgeries.