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Summer Internships: Summer Savings Replacement Information

Although a summer savings expectation is a standard part of almost all financial aid packages, replacement aid can be requested in the fall. This aid typically consists of one-half University grant and one-half term time job or interest supported student loan. Students who are unable to save the amount expected from a summer job can request the replacement aid in September by making an appointment to speak with a financial aid counselor.

Typical summer savings expectations for 2014-15 range from $1530 to $2,550. Some students may have a lower expectation.

Students also have the option of accepting only the grant portion of the replacement aid. We encourage you to speak with a financial aid counselor and discuss your own specific circumstances.

Federal Work-Study (FWS)

Students who have Federal Work-Study included as part of their financial aid award may receive payment for community service while working with public or private nonprofit organizations in areas such as education, health care, housing and neighborhood improvement, literacy training, and other activities specified in the Community Service Act. The Student Employment program works directly with the student and organization and approves all summer Federal Work-Study contracts. For information, contact the Undergraduate Financial Aid Office.

(Note: Not all students with a job in their aid package are eligible for FWS. Your financial aid award notice will specifically state “Federal Work-Study” if you are eligible.)

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