Summer Housing

Helpful Tips on Summer Housing for Interns

Now that you’ve secured an internship over the summer, the next step is to find somewhere to stay during your time there. Here are a few tips and suggestions from past interns to keep in mind while you search for summer housing:

  • Plan and secure your summer housing EARLY. The longer you wait, the fewer the options are.
  • Find out if the organization for which you are interning provides summer housing or housing assistance.
  • Try to find other interns or people your age in the area that you can live with. Lower costs + social interaction = win/win. You should contact your manager to see if there are any interns looking for roommates.
  • Contact local Princeton alumni and/or your alumni partner to see if they can aid you in your search.
  • Research public transportation routes to/from your potential living place. You don’t want to end up having to walk for miles and miles!
  • Check out the gyms, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. around your area.
  • To save money, turn to sublets and apartments before considering hotels/motels and university campus housing. Though harder to find, they’re a good option for college students who would rather spend their money elsewhere.
  • Do not be afraid to ask people for their help and advice! Past interns and upperclassmen are a great summer housing resource.

Intern Housing Guide

The Intern Housing Guide, created by students, for students, contains helpful information for all interns, including:

  • Advice on how to best use the various methods and channels to locate and secure housing.
  • Helpful statistics from housing choices of previous PICS intern cohorts, like the percentage of interns who had roommates, who paid a security deposit, and what their most important factors for housing were, etc.
  • Tips on how to maximize your experience living in a new city.
  • City-specific insights and testimonials on transportation, neighborhood selection of where previous interns have lived, and their bucket lists (at this time, this tailored information is limited to the DC, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, and LA metro areas. In future years, this living document will expand to include all PICS cities).
  • Other helpful links and information.

Possible Summer Housing Options

Listed below are some possible summer housing options for you to consider and look into, organized by location. PICS does not endorse nor support any of these links; these are provided merely as a place for you to start your summer housing search. It’s your responsibility to thoroughly research your options!



Los Angeles
San Francisco

District of Columbia





New Jersey


New York

Bronx/Brooklyn/New York City