Princeton Internships in Civic Service

Meet Our 2016 Interns

Alexandra Aparicio
Legal Services of New Jersey

“Legal Services of New Jersey’s LAMP project is a medical-legal partnership providing free legal advice and counsel to indigent patients referred from four New Jersey hospitals for civil legal issues. Additionally, LAMP conducts staff trainings at each hospital and spearheads public policy research into the issues that most affect indigent medical patients. The goal of the project is to provide new ways for those in poverty to be connected to the legal aid, and to positively impact social determinants of health.” more >>

maryclaire_bartlettMary Claire Bartlett
U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York

“My internship with Judge Pollak was a perfect window into the inner workings of the legal system, and an incredible learning experience.  Since day one, Judge Pollak and her clerks showed a genuine willingness to teach me as much as possible, answer all of my questions, and ensure that my internship was a useful and rewarding experience. As an intern for a U.S. Magistrate Judge, I worked under the two clerks in the Judge’s chambers, who gave me my assignments and provided me with feedback once my work was complete.” more >>

Aleskandra CvetkovicAleksandra Cvetković
The Quebec-Labrador Foundation 

“Learning about QLF’s community-based approach to conservation has also influenced my career considerations. Now that I’ve seen how dynamic of an endeavor conservation can be—involving not only fieldwork, but also conversations with community leaders, lessons in elementary schools, and so much more—I feel more inclined to pursue a career in the field. One of my hopes for my PICS internship was to envision how environmental activism could figure into my professional life. Working for QLF has certainly accomplished that.” more >>

Jonah DonnenfieldJonah Donnenfield
Children’s National Health System

“I had to learn something new almost everyday of my internship and not just in the traditional sense of being an observer in a new environment. In order to conduct the analysis required of me, I had to learn a lot statistic, which necessitated self-study of multiple textbooks, software packages, and internet forums. I performed statistical analysis on error data regarding upper spinal care in the trauma bay. This has resulted in a paper that is now being written and will hopefully be published in the near future.” more >>

Matthew EdelsteinMatthew Edelstein
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

“I found my project to be very rewarding not only because of the satisfaction that it gave me to create an overview for OEPI that would serve as a primer going forward for those staff members who need to get up to speed on the impacts of California’s clean energy initiatives but also because it allowed me to immerse myself in learning about a topic that represents an increasingly important policy issue in the US energy markets.” more >>

Kyle LangKyle Lang
Every Hand Joined

“I learned a lot both about myself and about nonprofits in general throughout this experience, most notably by asking to chat with both members of Every Hand Joined and those who work closely with them. One of the most valuable things I will take away is the importance of being able to work with people of all different personalities to keep a productive and non-hostile environment. With sensitive issues, this is essential for carrying out Every Hand Joined’s work.” more >>

David LindDavid Lind
Siloam Family Health Center

“Dr. McPherson’s insights definitely reinvigorated my motivation to continue on the path to med school, which is a testimony to just how valuable the alumni partner connection can be! My experiences at Siloam, combined with those at Vanderbilt with Dr. McPherson, have confirmed my interest in a medical career and stretched me in ways that will doubtlessly prove to be invaluable in the future.” more >>

Genevieve MedinaGenevieve Medina
Boston Children’s Hospital

“My research project was consistent with the general goals of both Boston Children’s Hospital and PICS in that it combines social change with a personally fulfilling experience. It challenged me in that each experience of the research process in this medical context was very new to me. I am so thankful that my work this summer will have a positive impact on clinical practice.” more >>

intern_placeholderRebecca Sobel
Supportive Housing Network NY

“Throughout the summer, I coordinated lobbying efforts and informed providers on policy priorities, analyzed development gaps and funding streams, facilitated best practice discussions and worked with clients to create policy recommendations regarding recently instituted problematic legislation. I also assisted clients in determining appropriate plans for complying with federal initiatives to secure capital dollars for their programs and attended events to maintain connections between The Network and its members and support clients’projects.” more >>

Imani ThorntonImani Thornton
Office of State Senator Heather Steans

“During this summer I learned a great deal about what it means to be a politician and be of service to one’s constituents – it is a tough job with many hands needed to strive towards daily goals. In attending various meetings, I have had a great time understanding how inter-sectional viewpoints may help enliven and strengthen policy and legislation, even if it may make such processes more difficult. Politics are not emotionless – and to be a state senator or involved in public office means balancing the greater good of a people and considering the individual needs of those who most need help.” more >>

ava_torjaniAva Torjani
Seattle Childern’s Hospital 

“Let’s finding you something to do.” My mentor was all about not being boring. So, it is to no surprise that I was almost always occupied throughout my entire internship. Generally, I would be in the lab every day except for Tuesday wherein I observed cases in the OR and Thursday morning wherein I attended 2-hour conferences at the hospital. It was an effective mix of a scientist’s and doctor’s life, giving me a strong insight into pursuing the path of MD/PhD.” more >>

Tia WilmerTea Wilmer

“It taught me to trust myself more, along with learning to examine systemic poverty and race relations from a completely different angle. Working with Isles didn’t change my career considerations, but rather solidified them. The kind of work I want to do (open my own medical nonprofit) is directly in line with this internship.” more >>