Princeton Internships in Civic Service

Praise for PICS Interns

What our Community Partners are saying about PICS

 Rebecca Thorsness’13, Supervisor, 2015 Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) Washington D.C.
We always get great applicants and the process is so easy and organized.”

Christine Chen, Supervisor, 2015  92Y 

“Emily was an amazing help to 92Y this summer. She did a lot of prep work for programming and laid the groundwork for us to expand some of our educational offerings in the future. We’re often so busy, even in the lighter summer season getting the fall season off the ground, that we fall behind on the Winter/Spring season. She allowed us to get ahead of the ball on our fall and winter/spring seasons and beyond.”

Bon Ku, Supervisor, 2015  Thomas Jefferson University

“The internship exceeded my expectations. We depended upon Melissa as a core member of our research team. Melissa was independent and self-motivated. I was very impressed by her enthusiasm for the project. Her maturity level was at the level of senior medical students and resident physicians.”

 John Orzechowski, Supervisor, 2015 Tennessee Justice Center

“TJC has benefited from many dedicated and impressive Princeton students through the PICS program. We hope to continue this relationship with PICS next year. The internship process is straightforward, with helpful support along the way such as alumni interviewer comments. The internship lived up to our high expectations based on previous years. We are grateful to be part of it.

Edline Jacquet, Supervisor, 2015 Supportive Housing Network of New York

“I was particularly impressed with Mica’s intelligence and her excellent written communications skills as well as her compassion and deep interest in the various issues that we work on here at the Network which range from homelessness, social service, youth to issue of poverty overall. She also was great at getting all of her assignments done in a timely manner. She was truly an excellent intern and I was very impressed with her.”

Casey Leon, Supervisor, 2015 BHCHP

“When Lisa was given a specific task to complete, she dedicated herself fully to completing it. I asked her to complete a quality assurance evaluation of a report and mentioned that it would be helpful to have it done before the end of the week. Lisa stayed late every night that week to complete it, double check it, and make sure that it was accurate and precise. It was only after the fact when I asked her about how long it had taken that she even mentioned her long, late hours on the project.”

Ashley Weigner , Supervisor, 2015 Uncommon Schools, Camden Prep

“Sarah is ALL in every day and shows an incredible passion for education reform. From Day 1 she dived right in! On her first day I asked her to write down some thoughts about potential field day activities & logistics. I gave her a few documents to review but only expected her to start thinking about it. When I checked in with her later she had completed a detailed list of activities with instructions & a logistics plan. The quality of the documents for someone’s first time working in school operations was incredible. Since that day I have continued to be impressed with the quality of Sarah’s work.”

 Kelsey Baun, Supervisor, 2015 Eagle Rock School and Professional Development Center
“Allie went above and beyond in building relationships with our students in such a brief amount of time. She would routinely start her work day early and and them late. In particular, there was one student whom she would help study for the SAT and learn more about college opportunities during her after hours, showing her dedication and commitment to supporting the students’ growth.”

Rachel Madariaga, Supervisor, 2014 Jumpstart, Boston, Massachusetts

“The internship exceeded our expectations. Jumpstart finds that Princeton Interns are always of the highest quality and ability and we are always incredibly excited about their contributions to our team and organization over the summer. They routinely outperform other members of Jumpstart’s summer intern cohort.”

Katie Watts, Supervisor, 2014 Children’s National Volunteer Services, Washington, DC

“Kathleen jumped right into a very busy office and didn’t seem fazed. She interacted very well with the high school volunteers, the right amount of discipline and fun. Our Princeton interns are always fabulous and accomplish more than we could imagine happening in one summer.”

Edline Jacquet, Policy Analyst and Supervisor, 2013 Supportive Housing Network of New York

“PICS remains the best internship program that I’ve ever worked with. This internship program always sends us highly qualified and smart interns who are hard workers and eager to lean and have always added value to our organization.”

Susan Gordon, Supervisor, 2013 Slavic Village Dev. Corp, Ohio

“We would be honored to host another PICS student. We have been so fortunate thus far to have five outstanding interns. This really shows not only how great the PICS program is, but also how elite Princeton is and how superb their selection of possible students is….We have had great success with this program and we hope we are able to continue the partnership.”

10 Weeks at Epiphany


Each year Epiphany relies upon 150+ volunteers to help keep the school running along with our faculty and staff. The school would not function without the support of these very special friends to Epiphany. The same is true for the summer, and this issue of Always Learning highlights one.

Aria Miles is a rising sophomore at Princeton University. She is part of the Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) program through the Pace Center for Civic Engagement. Each year PICS partners with 70 organizations throughout the country and provides each of them with an intern for 10 weeks in the summer. Ms. Miles was Epiphany’s lucky intern this summer, and we were thrilled to have her.

Ms. Miles spent her 10 weeks in Boston living first at Mather Court and then at 232 Centre Street with other interns. She was invaluable this summer, as our front line person at the reception desk, coordinating the intern move to 232 Centre Street, scheduling home visits for incoming 5th graders, and supporting the B-SAFE summer program among many other tasks. In Ms. Miles’s own words, “I try my best to meet whatever needs are expressed by Epiphany, B-SAFE, and the community members who walk through Epiphany’s doors.” Ms. Miles was a shining star this summer for Epiphany, and we sure did keep her busy!

Ms. Miles was drawn to the Epiphany School internship because she plans pursue a career in education and thought it would be interesting working in a school for the summer. She said she accomplished this goal and learned a lot about the operations of a school outside of the classroom. She left us after 10 weeks with this reflection of the school, “Epiphany provides a very unique opportunity to the children of Dorchester. The concept of a tuition-free private school with 12-hour school days and such a great sense of community amazes me. The staff are all dedicated to providing the students with the best that they have to offer, and I think that it is nice for the students to see that they go to a school where staff is so caring, giving, and committed. Seeing graduates come back to the school to work and visit on a regular basis shows me that the bonds formed at Epiphany last longer than their four years here.”

We thank Ms. Miles for her hard work, dedication, and commitment to Epiphany School. As she returns to Princeton to start her sophomore year and looks forward to becoming a math teacher, we know she will always be a part of the Epiphany family.