2020 PICS Annual Report

PICS students and alumni

Dr. Marty Eichelberger '67 (back left) and PICS students pre-pandemic. 

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Dear students, community partners, alumni, and friends of Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS),

We know that 2020 has been a year of challenge, chaos, and churn for so many. At PICS, we were so disappointed this year that the pandemic meant we were able to offer students and community partners fewer internships than in a non-pandemic year. Yet, even as we hold space for all that was lost this year, we have also found so many reasons to be grateful, hopeful, and more committed than ever to our goal of providing Princeton undergraduates with paid summer internships in community service and civic engagement. 

We offer this annual report to share our excitement about all that our alumni, students, and community partners made possible this year, and to invite you to be a part of the difference PICS internships make. 

With Tiger cheers,

Caroline Savage, PICS Program Director

Caroline Savage
Class of 1969 PICS Program Director

Chuck Freyer AAC Chair
Chuck Freyer '69
PICS Friends Group
Executive Committee Chairman

Rose Holton PICS Program Coordinator

Rose Holton
PICS Program Coordinator


2020 in Review 

Transitioning to the University

2020 was already slated to be a big year for PICS, as our 25th year of success since being founded in 1996 by the Great Class of '69. Following on this incredible legacy of service, PICS transitioned from a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to an official program of Princeton University, with a home in the John H. Pace, Jr. '39 Center for Civic Engagement. We are so excited about this transition and the opportunities for better connectivity and access to resources this means for students, community partners, and alumni. 

With this transition, we welcomed a new PICS Program Director, Caroline Savage, and a new PICS Program Coordinator, Rose Holton. Prior to PICS, Caroline served in Princeton’s Office of Sustainability, and Rose supported the Pace Center as Administrative Assistant. Rose and Caroline have been thrilled to support this incredible program and the many students, community partners, and alumni who make up the PICS family.

PICS and the Pandemic

Virtual Internship photo

Jamie Kim ’22: Boston Children’s Hospital
"Virtual handshake with my internship supervisor on the last day of my internship."

In a normal year, March is a very exciting month at PICS as we finalize internship placements and prepare to send students out into the field. But this March marked some of the darkest days of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. With 180 internships set to begin in just a few months, and so much uncertainty about what was safe, how could we honor our commitments to students and community partners? 

With careful planning and enormous support from Princeton alumni and University partners, we were able to support 96 PICS internships virtually. Thanks to our new partnership with the University, we were able to offer alternate opportunities to impacted students and to community partners. Students with cancelled internships had the opportunity to participate in “mini-internships” via the Pace Center’s  COVID-19 response grants and RISE (Recognizing Inequalities and Standing for Equality) grants, professional development training and events, and mentorship opportunities. Additionally, our community partners were offered the opportunity to host students virtually through these two Pace Center grants in support of their emergent pandemic and anti-racism needs. Our students and community partners met the challenges of this summer with grace and resilience, finding new meaning in service as community needs rapidly evolved. While 2020 wasn’t the summer any of us expected, we’re proud of how our commitment to service led to meaningful change and deepened partnerships.

By the Numbers

PICS Infographic 2020

The PICS program is such a tremendous example of this University’s commitment to be ‘in the nation’s service and the service of humanity.’ ...I am proud of the way that you all responded and that this program responded…Not only did you make a difference this summer, not only did you represent the University well, but you did so in ways that will lay a foundation for learning and service in the years to come. I’m grateful to you for that.

-Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber '83
  PICS Fall Reception 2020 Remarks

Events and Accomplishments

We made the most of a virtual summer by bringing together students, community partners, and alumni who in a normal year would have been spread across the country. Over the summer, we hosted the following virtual coffee chat events for students to connect with Princeton alumni and build their professional network and skills:

PICS Career Chat Screenshot

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (top left) and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi '95 (top, second from right) offer a small group career chat with PICS students. Internships with both Congresswoman Coleman and Congressman Krishnamoorthi '95 were supported by the Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows in Government Service.

  • Networking 101, hosted by Shirley Wu '15
  • Alumni in Legal Fields, featuring Magistrate Judge Cheryl L. Pollak '75, Steve Houck '69, John Gordon '69, and Deirdre Von Dornum *94
  • Medical & Healthcare Professions Career Chat, featuring Dr. Marty Eichelberger '67, Dr. Ralph Binder '70, Dr. Jordan Winter '97, and Dr. Evan Fieldston '98
  • Congressional Representatives Career Chat, featuring Congressman Ken Buck ‘81, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi '95

In normal times, our Fall Reception is an opportunity for students and alumni to connect and reflect on summer experiences. In the age of the pandemic, we shifted this event to take place virtually, and we were so pleased to have 180 student and alumni attendees from all over the world join us. Featured at our Fall Reception was Princeton University President Christopher L. Eisgruber '83, who remarked on the significance of PICS’s transition to the University. To hear more, watch a recording of the event.

In October, we hosted the first of its kind PICS:  Tiger Tales of Social Justice Impact event to share our approach to social justice. We believe in creating deep relationships that place our community partners at the center of the narratives of change, as well as in PICS serving as a professional development pathway for students who have traditionally been underserved by internships. To hear more, watch a recording of the event..


The Great Class of 1992

The Great Class of 1992

2020 also brought PICS some powerful new collaborations and partners. In addition to ongoing support from our incredible community of PICS donors, we are so grateful for support from new partners this year, including the Princeton Club of Southwest Florida, Princeton Class of 1997, Princeton Class of 2002, and Princeton Class of 2015 -- welcome and thank you! We're excited to share that the Great Class of 1992 has committed to endowing an internship via the Class of 1992 Fund for Service. Thank you, Class of 1992!

The Class of 1969 members of the Princeton Club of Vero Beach partnered with us this year to support an internship at the Indian River Land Trust, a local environmental organization dedicated to conservation. Thank you, Class of 1969 and Princeton Club of Vero Beach, for supporting young Tigers and your local community!


Looking Ahead: 2021

PICS student photo

Evelyn Doskoch ’23: Princeton Summer Journalism Program:  
"Masks are mandatory! My co-intern and I spent a day on campus in Princeton packing mailings of SAT practice tests and t-shirts for our students— but made sure to mask up to prevent the spread of COVID-19."
Internships at Princeton Summer Journalism Program were supported by the Princeton Class of 1977 and the Princeton Class of 1992.

As we prepare for the 2021 internship season, much remains uncertain. At the time of this writing, we expect to offer 196 internships for the summer of 2021 - a PICS record. While we hope that as many of these opportunities as possible can take place in person, we know that several of our partners are already planning remote opportunities, and we expect 2021 to be a combination of remote and in-person experiences that comply with federal and local health and safety guidelines. We know that many of our partners and students have evolving needs in response to the twin epidemiological and societal crises this year, and we commit to listening empathetically and responding proactively as we navigate the way forward together. 

With our inclusion under its banner, the University sent a strong signal that service is integral to a Princeton student's education. We’re excited that gifts to PICS will now support so many Princeton undergraduates in internships that provide them with real-world learning and a professional experience to respond directly to community needs. We rely on generous Princeton alumni and friends so that all Princeton students have an equal opportunity to benefit from the program, regardless of financial aid status or family circumstances. Your gifts to PICS are so appreciated, and they are essential to ensuring that we can continue to offer these transformative experiences to students and community partners alike.

How You Can Help

Whether you’re a student, community partner, or Princeton alumnus, we’d be delighted to have you partner with PICS to celebrate and share what our community of service can make possible.

Students can apply to PICS internships each fall.

Community Partners can apply to host a Princeton student each summer.

Alumni have a variety of opportunities for getting involved throughout the year. As a Princeton alumnus, you can:

PICS Student Stories

Student photo

Josiah Gouker '22:  National LGBTQ Task Force

“One of my favorite work meetings wasn't necessarily work-related at all. We were talking about our organizational work in the context of the country's dire circumstances. We talked about Black Lives Matter, the pandemic, and the failings of our political systems, and it made me desire to be in a place where I can fix that. I wanted to be in a place where my values were in the work, and that goal was just concentrated in this meeting.”

-Josiah Gouker '22, National LGBTQ Task Force
Supported by Princeton Bisexual, Transgender, Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association (BTGALA) and Diane K. Weeks '75 Memorial Fund

Student photo

Pauline Schnelzer '21:  My Friend’s Place

“One of my favorite outcomes from this internship is a specific ceramics workshop I developed that was designed to help youth experiencing homelessness channel frustration constructively. The workshop involves sculpting a representation of a fear or secret before throwing it at a wall to shatter it.”

“As a result of my PICS internship and service experience, I am more motivated than ever to advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves.”

-Pauline Schnelzer '21, My Friend’s Place
View Pauline's final internship project
Supported by Paul '70 and Heather Haaga

Student photo

Ricardo Salas Murillo '22 takes a break from his internship at Community LIFT.

“My internship met these goals [of incorporating both systemic social change and an educationally enriching experience for the student] very well. In terms of systemic change, I saw how dedicated my organization was to helping disinvested neighborhoods in the Memphis area, especially when conditions are currently so bad. I saw how dedicated my coworkers were to their local community and its well being as it became clear to me that they to try help others as much as they can despite limited resources. In terms of the educationally enriching experience, I learned a lot about community development and its inner workings.”

-Ricardo Salas Murillo '22, Community LIFT
View Ricardo's final internship project
Supported by Princeton University Class of 1977


Student photo

Linh Nguyen '21: Legacies of War

“I had quite an enlightening experience learning more about Southeast Asian history. As the child of Vietnamese refugees, I had had limited exposure to much of the context of the Vietnam War, but Legacies gave me a chance to explore more about the facts and the complicated nature of my own privilege…working at a nonprofit during COVID-19 has given me the chance to very carefully consider what I want out of the future and the kind of person whom I expect myself to be. I feel much more responsible for carving out a piece of safety and security for those who have had less access to resources than I have for the entirety of my life -- I hope that this drive lasts long after the end of this pandemic.”

-Linh Nguyen
'21, Legacies of War
View Linh's final internship project
Supported by Princeton University Class of 1977

Student photo

Kenneth Gonzalez Santibanez '22: Legal Services of New Jersey

“I directly related to the plight suffered by many in low-income communities. My goals and values concerning legal representation have been strengthened as a result of this internship, for I was able to see just how many individuals go without receiving any help in their struggles. I learned that I need to do more work to correct these injustices in my country."

“My alumni partner relationship was amazing. I was able to connect with my partner on a weekly basis and we had many fruitful conversations concerning work, our lives, and the turbulent times we're living in. I believe this connection was integral to my PICS internship experience…[she] also gave me advice with adjusting to a law environment as she was a lawyer with decades of experience. I can't imagine my internship without her reliable calls every week.”

-Kenneth Gonzalez Santibanez '22, Legal Services of New Jersey
View Kenneth's final internship project
Supported by Princeton University Class of 1977

Student photo

Ngan Chiem '23: "Reconnecting with my high school friends and hearing about how they are thriving in college despite our disadvantaged high school makes me cherish the college access work I do for the program even more."

"In working with bright, disadvantaged students and giving them the skills and resources to apply to prestigious universities, I felt like our program had a profound impact on people’s lives. It did for my life when I was a student there. The program also allowed students to interact with intellectuals and college graduates, showing them a possibility many in the family would have been unable to demonstrate.”
“I have always been interested in remedying the educational discrepancies within American society, as a low-income, first-generation student. Through my work with PSJP, I realized that I want to do something morally good with my Princeton degree, even if that something is not yet defined for me.”

-Ngan Chiem '23, Princeton Summer Journalism Program
View Ngan's final internship project
Supported by Princeton University Cl
Student photo

Kaja Darien '21:  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

ass of 1977

"As a result of my PICS internship and service experience, I am more confident about where I see myself professionally in the future... I have a clearer idea of what I would like to do for my senior thesis.”

-Kaja Darien '21, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
View Kaja's final internship project
Supported by the Princeton Club of Philadelphia and
the Princeton University Center for Health & Wellbeing


Student photo

Martha Clark '22 taking a break from her internship with the family dog.

“I felt that the work I was doing through this internship contributed in tangible ways to CATCH's overall aim of promoting children's health through education. My work experience gave me great insight into the ins-and-outs of running an organization focused on a public health mission. My supervisors were great at explaining how my different assignments supplemented their overall program goals.”

“I felt that I accomplished the goals I'd established for myself at the beginning of the summer. As my internship progressed, I gained a new appreciation for how non-profits in public health fields face advocacy challenges, especially when their work intersects with the agendas of major corporate interests, like the tobacco industry.”

-Martha Clark '22, CATCH Global Foundation
Watch Martha present her final project
Supported by Princeton University Center for Health & Wellbeing

Student photo

Eric Tran '22 and Savannah Pobre '23, interns at Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia.

"I want to work in the nonprofit sector dealing with education in the future, so this internship was the perfect fit. I got to see first hand how CSFP's work positively impacted the families of Philadelphia by providing them access to a quality education, and this work and the interactions with these families was very enriching for me."

-Eric Tran '22, Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia
Watch Eric present his final project
Supported by Chuck Freyer '69 


Student photo

Alisha Somani '23:  LIFT

"One girl I interviewed discussed her anxiety from athletics and I could relate immensely to those feelings. These conversations made me realize that I want to pursue a career where I can work with, connect with, and help others because those are the moments I enjoy the most. I now know that I do not merely want to crunch data or perform analysis, I am a people person who values connection with others and I want to incorporate that into my career. “

-Alisha Somani '23, LIFT
Supported by the Princeton Class of 1967 and the Princeton Class of 1972



Our Donors

We are so grateful to generous supporters who made the 2020 PICS program possible. Thank you for your inspirational support of young Tigers and community partners!

It has been a great privilege for the Class of 1975 to support PICS, and to help identify and fund its meaningful summer internships in civic service.  Numerous classmates have enriched their own lives while mentoring interns and contributing to these opportunities for talented Princeton students to give back to their communities.  In recent years our interns have served at organizations such as the Special Olympics International Committee, the NYC Public Library, and the US District Court for the Eastern District of NY.                                           

Maureen Kelly Scott, Co-President Class of '75

Mously Lo '22:  Glamour Gals

Mously Lo '22 (left) at her pre-pandemic PICS internship with Glamour Gals. The Princeton Class of 1963 supports this internship.

Anonymous  |  Hon. Gerard W. Asher '63    |  Robert Andre '69    |  Jackie Alexander '84 |  Raymond and Kathy Arsenault ‘69    |  John F. Assini '69    |  Dr. Sarah S. Avery '89   |  Robert A. Axelrod '69 and Christy Wise S69     |  Jaromir Babicka '69    |    Robert B. Bank '69   |   C. Tim Barner '69    |  Tracie R. Bell, Jr. '69    |  Katherine C. Bellin '02   |  William C. Benjamin '69    |  Dr. Ralph E. Binder '70    |  Dickson Boenning '69    |  George T. Boggs '69    |  Richard Bott '69    |  Richard S. Brach '69   |  Marc Brahaney '77    |  Dina Brewer '88 and Paul Brewer *90   |  Patricia S. Brody  '69    |  John Andy Brown '69    |  Thacher W. Brown '69    |  Robert C. Brown '69    |  Richard H. Burroughs '69    |  Lt. Col. Alice Witherspoon Parham Casey '92  |  Jeffrey T. Caso '69  |  Christina Caspersen '02   |  John Castleman   |  Bill '69 and Anne h69 Charrier   |  Bobby Chang '92   |  Ronald J. Chin '69    |  Teddy P. Chung '76   |  Eleanor Clark '92   |  Donald T. Cowles '69   |  Sanford & Susan Criner p02    |  Brian Danielewicz '02    |  Jennifer '93 and Keith Daniels '92   |  Deborah Danker ‘75    |  Edwin S. Davisson ’06 s’06   |  Bruce R. DeBolt '69    |  Sarah E. Dobkin '06   |  John B. Draper '69    |  Robert K. Durkee '69    |  Dr. Marty Eichelberger '67  |  Annie Eifler f02    |  Richard A. Etlin '69    |  Robert Falk '85    |  Joseph A. Field, III '69    |  Dr. Evan Fieldston '98    |  James A. Finefrock '69    |  Roger Fingerlin '69    |  Thomas F. Fleming, Jr. '69 and Katherine Hamilton Fleming   |  Robert A. Flohr '69    |  Dr. James A. Floyd 69    |  Silas B. Foot, III '69    |  Laura Forese '83    |  Cynthia Fowler f02    |  Claus Frank '69    |  Edward C. Frank '69    |  Charles C. '69 and Judith Freyer    |  Robert Gang '69    |  Harold B. Gardner, Jr. '69    |  G. Michael Gehret '69    |  Thorsteinn Gislason '69    |  John M. Goodman '69    | Sarah '02 & Joshua '00 Greenhill    |  James A. Gregoire '69    |  Neal F. Grenley '69    |  P. Michael Gummeson '78    |  Paul '70 and Heather Haaga    |  Randall Hack '69    |  Eric K.
Yung Bong Lim '88 enjoys a Cubs game (pre-pandemic) with the 2019 PICS Chicago cohort.

Yung Bong Lim '87, an Alumni Partner and internship supporter, enjoys a Cubs game (pre-pandemic) with the 2019 PICS Chicago cohort.

Hagen '92   |  John B. Hanks '69    |  William H. Hardy '69    |  Daniel H. Harman, III '69    |  James E. Hartling '69    |  Bruce J. Hillman '69    |  Melody Hobson '91    |  John F. Hockenberry '69    |  Nicholas R. Hoff '69    |  Richard Holland '96    |  Peter Hooper, III '69    |  Stephen D. Houck '69    |  Thomas C. Hudnut '69    |  Thomas Huggett '69    |  Earle S. Irwin '69    |  John Griffith Johnson '72    |  Jeffrey A. Kaplan '69    |  Lawrence S. Kegeles '69    |  Curtis Kehr '69    |  Stephen '69 and Sue Kennedy   |  Stephen Kim S92    |  Richard C.J. Kitto '69    |  Earl T. Kivett '69    |  James A. Koloski '69    |  Scott A. Kruse '69    |  James J. Kuzmick '69    |  Sidney Lapidus '59    |  Michael Lee '92   |  Dr. Eve Lehrman '02    |  Harold Leslie '69    |  Eve G. Lesser '77    |  Nielsen V. Lewis '69    |  Yung Bong '87 and Peggy Lim   |  Nancy H. Lin '77 and Dr. Charles Morris Smith '76   |  Robert B. Loveman '69    |  Keith M. Lundberg '92   |  Eric M. Lunt '92   |  John T. MacDonald '69    |  Aila Winkler Main '92    |  Joseph P. Marshall, Jr. '69  |  Jeff & Maureen Marston '69    |  Roderick Matheson, III '69    |  John F. McCarthy, III '69   |  Michael E. McCrory '69    |  Clay McEldowney '69    |  Suzanne M. McSorley '77    |  Paul Mendis '69    |  Kenneth B. Mertz '69    |  J. Christopher Meyer, III '69    |  Alan G. Meyers '69    |  Jethro O. Miller '92    |  Marc E. Miller '69    |  Lawrence R. Mills '69    |  Christopher H. '69 and Cathy Milton    |   Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC   |   Lawrence B. Morris '69    |  David Z. Myerberg '69    |  Robert J. Myerson '69    |  Stuart Nierenberg '69    |  Robert W. Norton, Jr. '92   |  William Pape '69    |  Ketan K. Patel '92   |  Jeffrey M. Peek '69   |  Steven Peri '70    |  Alfred G. Piranian '69    |  Thomas R. Pirelli '69    |  Gregory D. Purcell '69    |  Cleveland D. Rea, Jr. '69    |  Richard K Rein '69    |  Sue Harrison
PICS Boston Gathering

Mary Strother Sullivan '90 hosts Boston-area PICS students and alumni in the pre-pandemic era.
Back left to right:  Tamilore Ajeigbe '22, Audrey Spensley '20, Daniel Wey '22, Frantzesca Barron ‘22, Bill Benjamin '69, and Mary Strother Sullivan '90
Front left to right: Cierra Robson '19, Adetobi Moses '18, Georgia Hellard Timm '20, and Suzanne Morrison '89

Rodgers w56    |  Leo Roomets '69   |  Bruce D. Rosenberg '69    |  Morton M. Rosenfeld '69    |  Carolyn '01 and Jason '00 Sabat    |  Robert J. Saner, II '69    |  Frederick Savage '69    |  Jonathan S. Savar '92    |  Roger W. Schmenner '69    |  Bruce Schundler '70    |  Frank X. Shannon, III '69    |  Frederick G. Shearer '69    |  George J. Sheridan, Jr. '69    |  Jane Cummins Shidler '96    |  Marion Sleet '69    |  Hayden Smith '69    |  Martin F. Smith '69    |  Clyn Smith III '69    |  David A. Spencer '69    |  Jeffrey A. Sprowles '69    |  Brooke C. Stoddard '69    |  Mary Strother '90    |  Alexander D. Stuart '72   |  Thomas H. Tarantino '69    |  Jeffery J. Tempas '69    |  Cheryl A. Terwilliger '92    |  Graves Tompkins '02    |  Ly Tran '92    |  Duncan Van Dusen '92    |  Mary Van Pelt  f02   |  Harry A. Volz III '69    |  David B. Waud '69    |  Theodore E. Webber '69    |  Steven A. Weed '69    |  Thomas P. Weidner '69    |  Charles Whitehead '69    |  Robert I. Wolk '91 Kyung-Ah Park    |  Marnie Brooke Worth '92    |  Dr. June Wu '92    |  Lawren Wu '92    |  Dr.  James Yeh '87    


"I always enjoy connecting with smart students who are motivated to do positive things in the world. "

-Marc Brahaney '77



Leonard D Schaeffer Fellows

The Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows in Government Service program, created by Leonard D. Schaeffer '69 (center), supports 10 Princeton students every year as they engage with internships in government service. In pre-pandemic times pictured here, the Schaeffer Fellows attend a summer professional development summit in Washington D.C.; this year, the program pivoted to a virtual summit.

We are additionally so grateful for the support of the following Princeton Clubs, Classes, and programs:

Alumni and Friends of Princeton ROTC  |   FFR/Princeton BTGALA  |   Mintz Levin Cohn Ferris Glovsky & Popeo PC  |  Princeton Classes of '63, '66, '67, '69, '72, '75, '77, and '92  |   Princeton Area Alumni Association  |  Princeton Club of Philadelphia  |  Princeton School of Public and International Affairs - History & the Practice of Diplomacy  |  Princeton University Center for Health & Wellbeing Global Health Policy Program  |  Princeton University Service Focus Program  |  Bob Rodgers Class of 1956 Memorial Fund  |  Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows in Government Service  |  The Duncan Whelen Van Dusen '58 Fund    |   The Diane K. Weeks '75 Fund




Our Alumni Partners

The alumni partner experience makes PICS a unique and indelible experience. Thank you so much to our alumni partners, who worked so hard to support our students this summer virtually!

"[My 2020 PICS student mentee] Rachel & I have not met, but the first time we talked on the phone, we talked for an hour--we had so much to talk about even though we're generations apart. It was a delight for me to have such a strong connection, and a reminder why this program is so great."

-Kendall Turner '07

Claire Wayner '22 (far left) at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission with FERC Commission Chairwoman Cheryl LaFleur '75 (third from right).

Claire Wayner '22 (far left) pictured pre-pandemic at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission with FERC Commission Chairwoman Cheryl LaFleur '75 (third from right). Internships at FERC were supported by the Leonard D. Schaeffer Fellows in Government Service and Princeton University's Service Focus Program.

Devon Ahearn '09  |  Dr. Harry Aldrich '82  |  Scott Alvarez '77  |  Dr. Richard Aplenc '88  |  Dr. Sarah Avery '89  |  David Baumgarten '06  |  Dr. Justin Bekelman '95  |  Cameron Bell '16  |  Kate Bellin '02  |  Bill Benjamin '69  |  Dr. Ralph Binder '70  |  Marc Brahaney '77  |  Bob Brown '69  |  Jessica Brubaker '98  |  Jack Burdick ‘19  |  Stephanie Burset '09  |  Jasmeene Burton-Martin '19  |  Nicole Businelli '13  |  Tony Capozzoli '84  |  Christine Chen '92  |  Rebecca Choi '00  |  CeCe Coffey '15  |  Gilbert Collins *99  |  Dr. Michael Cunningham '77  |  Peter Daneker '95  |  Jennifer Daniels '93  |  Debbie Danker '75  |  Lakshmi Davey '15  |  Jessica Davidoff '04  |  Andy Dayton '72  |  Shantayanan Devarajan '75  |  Ogochuckwo Ekwuabu '05  |  Rob Fairweather '75  |  Rob Falk '85  |  Frank Ferruggia '78  |  Judge Alan Fine '79  |  Molly Fisch-Friedman '16  |  Lydia Fox '81  |  Chuck Freyer '69  |  Amy Friedman '79  |  Hayley Gorenberg '87  |  Paul Haaga '70  |  Juliette Hackett '17  |  Meryl Harrell '03  |  Sara Hastings '09  |  Anne Herr '85  |  Dr. Bruce Hillman '69  |  Jana Holt '08  |  Robert Hotes '85  |  Isabel Hsu '19  |  Alex Joel '85  |  Richard Just '01  |  Kent Kim '09  |  Katie Kuga Wenner '04  |  Timothy Lanni '09  |  Anna Leader '18  |  Dawn Leaness '06  |  Ann Lee Steinberg '07  |  Grace Li '14  |  Dr. Nina Lightdale '96  |  Yung Bong Lim '87  |  Daijing Lin '11  |  Alice Maiden '19  |  Michael McCrory '00  |  Suzanne McSorley '77  |  Audrey Meng '16  |  Ruth Metzel '10  |  Ann Misback '79  |  Larry Morris '69  |  Suzanne Morrison '89  |  Dave Offensend '75  |  Karen Okigbo ‘09  |  Christopher Olofson '92  |  Destiny Ortega '12  |  Trish Perlmutter '85  | 
Princeton Club of Chicago

During non-pandemic times, the Princeton Club of Chicago hosts gatherings for PICS students to connect with Chicago-area alumni. For 2020, all alumni partner connections took place virtually. Princeton Club of Chicago also supports several Chicago-area internships.

 Josh Poag '95  |  Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak '75  |  Rich Rein '69  |  Isabel Reis '19  |  Howard Rosen '80  |  Laurie Rosenblatt '92  |  Dr. Eloise Salmon '07  |  Richard Schimel '75  |  Maureen Scott '75  |  John Scott '75  |  Joe Serota '75  |  Paarth Shah ‘16  |  Eddie Skolnick '12  |  Christina Smith '99  |  Bruce Sokler '71  |  Carlos Sotelo '17  |  Monique Stanton '15  |  Senator Heather Steans '85  |  Rabbi George Stern '69  |  John Stossel '69  |  Brita Strandberg '90  |  Mary Strother '90  |  Sarah Tantillo '87  |  Anne Tong '13  |  Frank Trinity '85  |  Richard Tucker '01  |  Kendall Turner '07  |  Duncan Van Dusen '92  |  David Waud '69  |  Dr. Jordan Winter '97  |  Robert Wolk '91

"The best part of being an alumni partner is reconnecting with Princeton University life from the perspective of a current student and forming mentoring relationships that last beyond the summer."

-Mary Strother Sullivan '90


Our Community Partners

Thank you to our incredible 2020 community partners, who overcame so many obstacles to make PICS internships possible this year! 

"Despite being remote and in a different time zone, Natalia contributed in significant ways to Arm In Arm's distribution of food to community members experiencing food insecurity. Natalia displayed initiative, creative thinking, and professionalism in her work product, but most importantly she displayed compassion to our clients in crisis during the pandemic."

-Margaret Cowell, Arm in Arm

Natalia's Arm in Arm internship was supported by the Bob Rodgers '56 Memorial Fund

The work environment with the Stockton Scholars Team was amazing! I always felt included in our team huddles. My favorite part about this team was how diverse and young everyone was which helped foster an inclusive environment in my opinion.

-Truth Betts-McCullum '23

Truth's internship at Stockton Scholars was supported by Bob Axelrod '69 and Christie Wise S69

Sophie Blue '21 and Paige Allen '21, pictured at PICS community partner 92Y in pre-pandemic times

Sophie Blue '21 and Paige Allen '21, pictured at PICS community partner 92Y in pre-pandemic times. The 92Y internship is supported by the Princeton Class of 1969.

African Wildlife Foundation  |  American Ballet Theatre  |  American Jewish Historical Society  |  Arm In Arm  |  Arroyos & Foothills Conservancy  |  Association for Community Affiliated Plans  |  B-SAFE / St. Stephen's Youth Programs  |  Boston Children's Hospital  |  Boston Scores  |  Bottom Line  |  Breakthrough Miami  |  By The Hand Club For Kids  |    CASA of Los Angeles  |  CATCH Global Foundation  |  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia  |  Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia  |  Civic Consulting Alliance  |  Community Access  |  Community LIFT  |  Curtis Institute of Music   |  DREAM  |  Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, Civil Division  |  Federal Energy Regulatory Commission  |  Federal Trade Commission  |  GlamourGals  |  Golden Apple Foundation  |  Groundwork Bridgeport  |  Human Rights Campaign  |  Jumpstart  |  Ka Honua Momona  International  |  KIPP DC  |  Legacies of War  |  Legal Services of New Jersey  |  LIFT  |  Live Like Blaine  |  Make the Road New Jersey  |  Massachusetts Attorney General's Office  |  Montefiore Medical Center  |  Museum of Chinese in America  |  My Friend's Place  |  National LGBTQ Task Force  |  National Network to End Domestic Violence  |  National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration  |  Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Foundation  |  New Door Ventures  |  New York Lawyers for the Public Interest  |  Office of Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi '95 
Tanzina Islam '21 makes a socially distanced site visit of Montefiore Medical Center with her internship supervisor, Dr. Daniel Correa

Tanzina Islam '21 makes a socially distanced site visit of Montefiore Medical Center with her internship supervisor, Dr. Daniel Correa. Tanzina's internship was supported by Princeton University's Center for Health and Wellbeing.

|  Office of Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman  |  Office of State Senator Heather Steans '85  |  Office of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown  |  Partners for Women and Justice  |  Partnership for Public Service  |  Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation (PC3I), Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania  |  Policy Matters Ohio  |  Poverty & Race Research Action Council  |  Princeton Gerrymandering Project  |  Princeton in Africa  |  Princeton Summer Journalism Program  |  Prosperity Now  |  Quebec-Labrador Foundation  |  Reach Incorporated  |  Reinvent Stockton Foundation  |  Smile Train  |  Special Olympics International  |  Springboard Collaborative  |  StoryCorps  |  Teach For All  |  The Humane Society of the United States  |  U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of NY - Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak '75  |  USDA Forest Service  |  Veterans Campaign  |  Waukegan to College  |  Young Scholars Charter School 

"I was most impressed with Vic's ability to connect theory and practice. They not only dug into disability justice as a concept, they translated that to the daily practice of our work with participants and audiences. Often someone is skilled at one or the other; I appreciated Vic's commitment to navigating both. Vic was able to pose honest critique about the ways our work does not always support accessibility and justice in a way that invited our colleagues in instead of making them defensive. Bravo!"

-Emily Janssen, StoryCorps

Internships at StoryCorps were supported by Paul '70 and Heather Haaga.

"The organization certainly effected systematic social change in the communities that it was part of, because it had lots of long-term and comprehensive programs for individuals from ages five to twenty-five. They enriched the education of children, created a tight community, provided strong support systems, and offered lots of opportunity for jobs as well, so that after these children leave the programs they are more capable of succeeding outside of this. I also learned a lot about education, in terms of how to design and implement a curriculum for children that is interactive and engaging enough virtually. I also learned a lot about the benefits of long-term and comprehensive programs over short-lived and one-dimensional programs for disadvantaged communities."

-Lauren Almstead '22, B-SAFE/St. Stephen's Youth Programs

Internships at B-SAFE/St. Stephen's Youth Programs were supported by the Princeton Class of 1966 and the Princeton Class of 1972.


PICS Leadership

As an official Princeton University Program, PICS is now housed in the John H. Pace Jr. '39 Center for Civic Engagement. PICS is directed by Class of 1969 PICS Program Director Caroline Savage, and managed by PICS Program Coordinator Rose Holton. PICS is supported by its Friends Group, which consists of more than 2,500 members, and is steered by the Executive Committee:

The PICS Friends Group Alumni Advisory Council at its final meeting as a 501(c)(3) and inaugural meeting as part of the University in July 2020

The PICS Friends Group Alumni Advisory Council at its final meeting as a 501(c)(3) and inaugural meeting as part of the University in July 2020.

Chair: Chuck Freyer '69
Vice Chair: Bill Charrier '69
Secretary: Dina Brewer '88
Treasurer: Eve Lesser '77

Communications Chair:
Jennifer Daniels '93
Development Co-Chairs:
Duncan Van Dusen '92 and Kate Bellin '02
Operations Co-Chairs:
Dr. Ralph Binder '70 and Yung Bong Lim '87
Membership Co-Chairs:
Debbie Danker '75 and Rob Falk '85



Bob Axelrod '69  |   Bryant R. Blount '08   |   Ricardo DeLeon '86  |   Dr. Marty Eichelberger '67  |   Dr. Evan Fieldston '98   |
   Paul Haaga '70  |   Steve Houck '69  |   Raquiba Huq '13  |   Prof. Stanley Katz   |   Stephen Kim S92  |  Rick Kitto '69  |  
Seva Kramer h69  |   Nancy Lin '77  |   Suzanne McSorley '77  |   Vivian Moore p20  |   Bob Raymar '69  |   Rukiya Ross '14  |
Caroline Savage (ex-officio)  |   Jeri Schaefer h69  |   Leonard Schaeffer '69  |   Mary Strother Sullivan '90  |  
Duncan Van Dusen '92  |   Rob Wolk '91  |   Shirley Wu '15


In Closing

PICS Photo Contest Winner

Martha Clark '22, CATCH Global Foundation: This summer left me extremely grateful for the environment in my hometown. I spent a lot of time after work at the beach, where I was lucky to catch this moment.


In a year that has so profoundly challenged the meaning of "community," we close with our deep gratitude for the enormous impact the PICS family of students, community partners, and alumni made this year. It’s clear that these opportunities are more important now than ever before. The impact of your support resounds across generations and touches so many lives, perhaps best expressed in the words of our students.

Truly, thank you for being a part of the PICS community as we all grow in service together.

Signatures:  Caroline, Chuck, Rose
     Caroline Savage, Chuck Freyer '69, and Rose Holton

“Having the privilege of focusing on work and a cause greater than myself provided me the glimpses of grace that I started to so sorely need during this time of necessary political upheaval and global pandemic.”

-Maggie Poost '22, Ka Honua Momona International

Maggie's internship was supported by the Diane K. Weeks '75 Memorial Fund