Anika Buch Class of 2024

Intern, Montefiore Medical Center - Epidemiology & Population Health

"[My best work experience was] The opportunity to lead a coaching call with a county for the HEALing Communities Study. For weeks, my team and I had been working diligently to migrate over data to a new software (which we were instrumental in designing, with community feedback) - and I had the opportunity to not only create a User's Guide for the new tool which counties could use, but also teach the counties how to use the new tool. 

“I was quite nervous before the meeting as I had never done anything like this before, but my postdoc told me ‘Don't doubt yourself. You know this tool inside and out.’
“Weeks later, I found out from a few colleagues that the community members we had trained found the training incredibly helpful and were excited to use the new tool. I felt really amazing, but more than anything, I was grateful that I could put my efforts and expertise towards helping counties reduce opioid overdose fatalities."

PICS Internship Partner:

  • Montefiore Medical Center - Epidemiology & Population Health (funded by the Center for Health & Wellbeing)