Eve Lesser '77

Treasurer, Finance Chair

Eve Lesser '77, Treasurer and chair of Finance

A History and Russian Studies major at Princeton, Eve went on to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School and to work as an investment banker at both Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb and Goldman, Sachs & Co. where she was responsible for advising corporate clients on a wide variety of financing and strategic transactions. After spending 21 years on Wall Street, she retired in 2001 in order to devote more time to both her family and other interests, including Princeton. She has served as treasurer of her Princeton Class, a member of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Council, and is currently the Treasurer of the PICS Board.

One of the greatest pleasures of being involved with PICS is to see both the enthusiasm and passion which the students bring to the internships and the way in which their summer experiences in non-profits has broadened their perspective on the issues and opportunities facing our society.