Grace Rocker Class of 2023

Intern, New Door Ventures

“Getting to know my coworkers and feeling like a part of the team! On my first day, I got to know my coworkers on a casual Zoom where I discovered I was reading my supervisor's favorite book. Our relationship only improved from there and was especially strengthened by getting to work in-person together for the second half of my internship. I received practical design advice from my supervisor, was taught Salesforce by one colleague and became close with another coworker who taught me a lot about San Francisco and her plans to go to business school. We even drove to Marin County together to pick up an in-kind donation of wine I had secured and stopped for coffee and a walk along the Sausalito harbor on the way back!”

PICS Internship Partner:

  • New Door Ventures (funded by Lois Chiles)