PICS will provide you with extraordinary candidates interested in your mission and in providing you with a substantial work product.  

Requirements to Host an Intern

  • Application
  • Provide meaningful work for your intern as described in your application. The best descriptions articulate clearly defined projects and responsibilities and show how a PICS intern can make a meaningful contribution to your organization.  
  • Financial Compensation – PICS interns are paid a cost-of-living stipend based upon geographical work area. PICS interns working in Boston, California, Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C. will be paid a minimum stipend of $500 per week. For interns in all other geographical locations, the minimum stipend will be $450 per week. In addition to providing the intern stipend, Partners will contribute an internship management fee of $500 to PICS if an intern is placed.  
  • Offer inspiring mentorship and professional development. Interns are eager to learn from you and grow professionally while also having a service experience.

We will

  • Recruit the best candidates. (PICS averages over 600 undergraduate applicants each year).
  • Provide resumes and cover letters from applicants for your review.
  • Connect you with your applicants for in-person interview, and offer you the option of a first round alumni interview. Community partners can also chose to conduct a Skype or phone interview with candidates directly, and PICS will help facilitate the process.
  • Handle the offer and acceptance process. 
  • Provide interns with an intensive pre-internship professional leadership and development program.
  • Offer interns guidance and counsel throughout the summer as well as connect them with alumni to act as a mentor.
  • Connect interns with opportunities to network during the summer.

Our Students In 2018

2018 pie chart