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PICS has twice been awarded the Princeton University Alumni Council award for Community Service (2013).

PICS has twice been awarded the Princeton University Alumni Council award for Community Service

Through your generosity,  PICS  has changed the lives of over 1,000 Princeton undergraduates.  Interns repeatedly tell us that the experience has changed their lives - leading them to make a commitment to devote at least some of their post graduate time to actively engaging with and supporting a non-profit social service agency or choosing that work as a career. Your support allows Princeton to further its mission to both Service and to allowing its undergraduates to have these life-altering experiences, regardless of financial capacity or personal connections.

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My PICS experience helped to remind me why I love learning, being a student, medicine, and am so excited about becoming a doctor: the chance to learn about and from my future patients.
—Amelia Warshaw '16
I never imagined that I would be so excited to go to work literally every day. I never thought that I would build such great relationships with the people I worked with and would be planning a trip back to Chicago to attend the Gala I helped plan. I also didn't anticipate how working for a cause that actually makes an impact in people's lives would motivate me to be more productive.
—Melana Hammel '18

PICS is almost exclusively funded by donations from individual alumni and classes. With your support we can perpetuate this great alumni legacy - a meaningful way to remain connected to Princeton and its young Tigers.  In this way PICS becomes our legacy as well  and continues to encourage generations of Princetonians to serve in communities across the country and worldwide in the spirit of “Princeton in the Nation’s Service and in the Service of all Humanity."

If you are interested in making a gift to PICS, please contact:

Jeri Schaefer
Executive Director, PICS
P.O. Box 261
Princeton, NJ 08542

Annual Fund

Our fiscal year is September 30-October 1.

An unrestricted gift to our Annual Fund allows us to financially support experiential learning opportunities for all Princeton students, regardless of their own resources or family networks.  Your annual fund gift allows us the flexibility to support more students and provide opportunities at nonprofits that might not have the capacity to provide a student stipend. Your gift continues the tradition of Giving Back to young tigers that is the hallmark of a Princeton experience.

Gifts to the Annual Fund can be made online or mailed to PICS at PO Box 261, Princeton, New Jersey 08542.

I give to PICS because I believe that the most lasting impacts in our lives come from personal interactions and connections. PICS exposes Princeton undergraduates to the needs of the many non-profits that serve our communities. PICS also makes connections between current undergraduates and alumni of all ages, building many lasting friendships and mentoring relationships. In this way, we at PICS hope to make our world a better place. 
—Chuck Freyer ’69, Chairman of the PICS Board

Become a Partner Class or Make a Class Gift

PICS is a very comprehensive and proactive program, that has the benefit of our 20+ years’ of experience in working with organizations and with students on the internship process.  But it is also a very flexible program. We like to describe it as “plug and play,” in the sense that we will perform all aspects of the program for those supporters who only want to write a check, but we can also accommodate a Class or organization that wants to have a hands-on experience, such as through interviewing student applicants for the internships it is supporting as well as providing alumni partners from that Class.

What can PICS offer to the Class that its members might find engaging?

  • Making a significant and recognizable contribution to the ethic of service.
  • Making such a contribution on a continuing and potentially permanent basis.
  • Building personal connections with one or more Princeton undergraduates annually who would hold named Class Internships in Civic Service (for example, the “Class of 1977 PICS Internship” – which would be highlighted in the PICS Annual Report and would provide an additional way to possibly engage your Class).  In our experience, PICS students often form close personal bonds with their alumni partners (i.e., the alumni who volunteer to shepherd students during their internships) that often continue for years after the internship has concluded; we would hope that a member of the Class would serve as an alumni partner to each Class Intern.
  • Enjoying visits from current and past Class interns to various Class functions, at Reunions, Alumni Day and potentially at regional gatherings as well, to update members of the Class on the interns’ experiences and careers.
  • Providing significant benefit to non-profit organizations supported by members of the Class to which they introduce the idea of taking a PICS intern. We of course have connections with numerous non-profits with which we now work or have worked in the past, and could offer the Class a variety of organizations where a Class intern could serve, but we are happy to consider new organizations as well. The Class is welcome to develop new internships to support.
  • Having a hands-on role in selecting the Class interns through the PICS interview process on campus.
  • We generate several colorful Newsletters each year, as well as an annual report. We can circulate these documents to as many members of the Class as you want, so they could be kept abreast of developments in the program.

How could the Class work with PICS to reap the greatest benefit for its members, Princeton undergraduates and the image of Princeton in the broader community?

  • PICS can help achieve a Class objective of maintaining contact with Princeton undergraduates while doing the most societal good over a period of years;
  • There are several different partnership structures between a Class and PICS that can serve the interests of your Class:
  • Sponsor one or more PICS interns.  
  • Endow a gift to sponsor internships. 

For more information on becoming a partner class, contact our Executive Director or Class Development Chair, Sue McSorley '77, smcsorle@alumni.princeton.edu.

It has been a great privilege for the class of 1975 to support PICS, and to help identify and fund its meaningful summer internships. Numerous classmates have enriched their own lives while mentoring interns and contributing to these opportunities for talented Princeton students to give back to their communities. 
—Maureen Scott '75 - co President

In celebration of our impending 25th Reunion, we are proud to support this important service activity and look forward to partnering with the wonderful PICS organization and student interns. 
—Jennifer Daniels, Treasurer, on behalf of the Class of 1993 Officers

Clubs & Associations can make a difference!

The Princeton Club of Chicago values the chance to support PICS internships as a way to provide deeper roots for students contemplating a career in service, and as a way to more deeply connect our alma mater to communities within Chicago seeking talented assistance.
—Mary Newburn '97, Past President, Princeton Club of Chicago

Planned Giving - Leave Your Legacy

Planning for the future - investing in our youth

The  LEAVE your LEGACY endowment, created at Princeton and invested with PRINCO, encourages alumni to contribute to an endowment whose purposes are

  • To ensure that PICS is able to fulfill its mission  for many years to come, providing a bold legacy of service to Princeton, its undergraduates and alumni, and a testament to the  civic engagement expected of all  Princetonians; 
  • To ensure PICS's financial health and cultivate new leadership among classes of all ages who recognize PICS's mission as vital to the realization of Princeton's commitment to service to all humanity; and
  • To continue to provide Princeton undergraduates of all backgrounds and circumstances equal opportunities for experiential learning through paid summer internships in civic engagement and community service.

We hope you will join us in leading the way.

Your gift will continue to change young lives for the better and provide living examples of the Princeton motto of "Princeton in the Nation's Service and the Service of all Humanity".

PICS internships change the lives of Princeton students, leading them to make a commitment to devote some portion of their post graduate lives to actively engaging with and supporting a non-profit social service agency, or choosing a career with such an organization. A number of our former interns have formed new non-profits, generated new internships for PICS, and even come full circle by joining our Board of Directors. Their testimonials to what their PICS internship meant to them are inspiring.

In its more than 20 year history, PICS has grown from an idea to a vibrant alumni organization that has changed the lives of over 1000 Princeton undergraduates by placing them in paid civic service internships all around the US and abroad during at least one of their summers while at Princeton. Our  vision is to expose as many Princeton undergraduates as possible to the rewards of working in the non-profit sector in the hopes of having them commit a portion of their time throughout their working lives to supporting organizations in that sector as advocates, donors, volunteers, Board members, and hopefully in some cases as full time employees and leaders. It can be in education, social service, the arts, medicine, government, the environment, pretty much any form of community service or civic engagement.

PICS is the hallmark of the University's commitment to service.

We urge that service and civic engagement be treated by the institution as a central defining commitment of what it means to a Princetonian of any description. In this respect, service should be viewed as a responsibility to be explored from as early as possible in the Princeton experience. . .
—University Task Force on Service and Civic Engagement

We on the Board are engaged in process of aggressively recruiting members of younger Classes onto our Board, to take the place of retiring board members. We are also forging partnerships with Classes both young and old to support new internships. Our conscious planning for the future will ensure that PICS is truly a Legacy to Princeton.  Please join us in this effort.

Your gift, sent to Princeton University for the benefit of the PICS Leave Your Legacy Endowment Fund, number 13110-E4456, will be recognized as a gift to Princeton University.  Endowment gifts should be so noted and sent to:

Princeton University
Ms. Helen Hardy
Alumni and Donor Records
P O Box 5357
Princeton, NJ  08543-5357

To find out more information, contact Chuck Freyer '69 Chairman of PICS at freyerpa@gmail.com, Bob Axelrod '69 Campaign Chair at raxelrod@stavinsaxelrod.com or the PICS Executive Director.

Consult with your estate, tax or legal advisor on remembering PICS in your estate planning.

Because PICS does so much good and does it so efficiently, I can think of no better way to invest my charitable funds than the PICS Leave Your Legacy fund.
—Robert A. Axelrod, Class of 1969 and President, Stavins & Axelrod Properties, Inc.

Gifts of Stock
  • A gift of stock can be made through electronic wire transfer.  A gift of appreciated securities that are held for more than one year may provide significant benefits to you as a contributor, such as a charitable income tax deduction for the fair market value of the gifted securities as of the date of gift:
  • Eliminate capital gains tax if the appreciated securities were sold on the open market and donated the proceeds from the sale to charity.
  • Claim your charitable deduction against a percentage of your adjusted gross income. Any unused deductions can be carried forward over the next five years.
  •  Achieve a  long-term financial objective to reduce income and estate taxes.

How to donate securities:

Princeton Internships in Civic Service

  1. Account Name:  Princeton University Class of 1969 Community Service Fund Attn: Charles Freyer
  2. Account Number:  863378415
  3. DTC Number:  0188

* Please consult your tax attorney or financial consultant for up to date information regarding donations of stock

Matching Grants from Employers and Foundations

An easy way to multiply your contribution is through a matching gift program through your employer.  If you or your spouse are employed or serve on an organization that will match an individual contribution, please follow their procedures to match a gift to Princeton Internships in Civic Service.

Amazon Smile

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases. Sign into Amazon.com and select PICS as your charitable contribution.  It is an easy way to help support us.

Tax-deductible charitable contributions directly to PICS through our secure online donation form.

Send your gift by mail to:

Princeton Internships in Civic Service
PO Box 261
Princeton, NJ 08542