About the Student Advisory Council


Recognizing that the PICS Program is the legacy and ongoing work of our alumni, our goal is to develop and promote the mission of PICS by working with and under the direction of the PICS Staff and Board.  We seek to support the program’s growth and development so that it becomes our legacy as well – that of former interns – and continues to encourage generations of Princetonians to serve in communities across the country and worldwide in the spirit of Princeton "in the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity.”

Student Advisory Council
Positions and Responsibilities

All SAC Board Members
  • Carry out responsibilities in a timely and professional manner and with passion, dedication, initiative, and a willingness to cooperate and compromise
  • Attend weekly SAC Board meetings, provide position updates to fellow SAC Board, Council, and committee members and PICS Staff
  •  Contribute valuable input to the Staff’s and other Board, Council, and committee members’ questions and general strategic development discussions
  • Increase awareness of PICS Program on campus and beyond
  • Attend PICS events and social gatherings, including Orientation and info sessions
SAC Chairperson

Day-to-Day Responsibilities in consultation with PICS staff:

  • Oversee all PICS SAC logistical, administrative, and financial matters
  • Oversee activities of all PICS SAC Board members
  • Moderate weekly PICS SAC Board meetings and discussions about short- and long-term PICS Program and PICS SAC initiatives
  • Attend events and meetings held by other PICS SAC Board members

Long-Term Responsibilities:

  • Strategic development of the PICS Program and the PICS SAC with input from the Board, the SAC, and official PICS representatives (e.g. PICS Staff, PICS Board, etc.)
Marketing and Outreach

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Marketing & Outreach Committee of the PICS SAC
  • Manage and develop PICS’s public sites and media (Website, Facebook, etc.)
  • Develop and streamline PICS’s publicity materials for interns
  • Recruitment: Organize all planning and logistics for PICS’s recruitment efforts throughout the year (e.g. Activities Fairs, Open Houses, Round table dinners, etc.) in conjunction with PICS staff
  • Assist PICS Staff in developing and disseminating the quarterly PICS newsletter to former interns, sponsors, supporters, etc.

Long-Term Responsibilities:

  • PICS Alumni Relations:  With the support and direction of the PICS Staff and Board, work with Development & Fundraising Coordinator to create and maintain a comprehensive alumni database and to re-establish connections with alumni and partner organizations
  • Develop and coordinate partnerships with on- and off-campus groups as needed
Internship Development

Initial Responsibilities:

  • Review evaluation forms of past interns and create a database of recommendations made by those interns
  • Assist in updating application and evaluation forms for the upcoming year
  • Host focus groups to discuss possible improvements to the intern experience

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Internship Development Committee of the PICS SAC in coordination with the PICS Staff and Board
  • Take the necessary steps to implement recommendations


Development and Fundraising

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Development & Fundraising Committee of the PICS SAC under the guidance of the PICS Staff and Board

  • Assist PICS Staff and Board in finding and applying for funding

  • Serve as PICS SAC’s treasurer: Oversee all PICS SAC financials for both on- and off-campus events

Long-Term Responsibilities:

  • PICS Alumni Relations: Work with Marketing & Outreach Coordinator to create and maintain a comprehensive alumni database and to re-establish connections with alumni and partner organizations
  • Create a PICS Program Year-End Report, in coordination with the PICS staff and board,  to be presented to all financial partners
  • Develop and disseminate “thank you” materials for all sponsors and supporters
SAC Secretary

Day-to-Day Responsibilities:

  • Record minutes for all PICS SAC and SAC Board meetings

  • Send follow-up action item emails after all meetings, keeping track of members’ weekly and longer-term tasks

  • Provide assistance for members’ initiatives as needed

Long-Term Responsibilities:

  • Develop the institutional memory of the PICS SAC and its Board (e.g. an organized, thorough catalog of meeting minutes, documents, standard operating procedures, etc.)

Student Advisory Council

  • Simone Downs, '20

      • Internship Development Committee Member
  • Brandon Dunlevy, '21

      • Internship Development Chair
  • Sher Gill, '21

      • Board Co-Chair
  • Alexander Glickman, '20

      • Internship Development Committee Member
  • Sydney Goldman, '21

      • Marketing & Outreach Chair
  • Kezia Otinkorang, '20

      • Development & Fundraising Chair
  • Emma Pannullo, '20

      • Board Co-Chair
  • Madison Spinelli, '20

      • Development & Fundraising Committee Member
  • Alia Wood, '20

      • Marketing & Outreach Committee Member

Student Advisory Council Experience

Getting a paid internship in a hospital the summer after my first year and having the opportunity to build life-long friendship with the staff of a level 1 trauma center would not have been possible without PICS. I encourage you to join the PICS SAC after your PICS Internship to pay it forward - it's extremely rewarding to help make the PICS experience accessible to many other students.
—Fares Mayarati '19 
Joining the SAC is one of the most meaningful ways to give back to the PICS program and pay it forward. My internship experiences truly impacted the way I view service and impact. Continuing your involvement with PICS through the SAC helps ensure that future Princeton students benefit from the opportunities we were granted and provides a platform to grow the program's impact through various leadership and engagement opportunities.
—Carlos Sotelo '17
Coming from a place of privilege, my PICS internship at a drop-in center for homeless youth in Los Angeles transformed the way I viewed homelessness and my home city. Given the privilege that we have as students at Princeton, learning about social issues through a PICS internship is imperative. To help more students learn about PICS and engage with these social issues, I joined the Student Advisory Council.
—Mario Garcia '18