Application Process

2020 Summer Internships

PICS is offering nearly 200 internships for Summer 2020. PICS Internships range from 8 to 10 weeks (consecutive) and interns are paid a weekly stipend based upon the geographical area the internship is based in. Please see the organizational description to note stipend amounts.Interns are considered employees of their placement organizations and are responsible for any and all employee tax liabilities. Any exceptions are noted on the job description page for each internship. Students eligible for federal work study funding are paid at a comparable rate through the work study program. 

Please direct any questions regarding the application process to our Student Program Coordinator. Please review the 2020 Internship Organizations and select up to two internships to which you will apply. Then, proceed to the online application. You can also access the application from each organization’s internship description page.

The application deadline for Summer 2020 is 5:00PM, December 9, 2019.

Please note that some 2019 internships may not be available in 2020.

Princeton undergraduates, excluding seniors, are eligible to apply to TWO (2) PICS internship organizations. However, you must submit a separate cover letter for each organization for which you apply. Since several PICS organizations have multiple internship positions and you will be able to apply to every internship position for any such organization using a single PICS selection, you will be required to write separate cover letters for each internship position to which you are applying. This information is also clearly described within the relevant internship position descriptions. PICS internship offers are made by the PICS staff.  While students may apply to two internship opportunities, the offers are made on a rolling basis.  We encourage students to carefully consider their choices of internship placement as well as location, as students will have 3 days to respond to an offer. This sometimes means that  a student has not had time to hear from all possible opportunities. Summer internship must have a start date in not earlier than May 28, 2020 and an end date no later than August 28, 2020. Your dates must be CONSECUTIVE, meaning that you should plan any outside engagements (ie. family vacation, grad school visits, conferences, etc.) around your agreed upon internship dates. 

PICS staff is available to discuss these opportunities in advance of applying. 

A completed application consists of the following elements:

  1. An online application
  2. A one-page resume that includes a clear outline of your education, work history, public service experience (on and off campus), and relevant skills. (The Center for Career Development has many resources to aid with writing resumes.)
  3. A cover letter for each internship, a maximum of 500 words in length. Each cover letter should be unique to the placement; generic letters are not as appealing to the sponsor organizations. Be sure to introduce your background and demonstrate your interest in the position and organization. Here are some guiding questions you should answer to help you write an effective, focused PICS cover letter:
  • Why do you want to spend the summer in a public service organization?
  • Why do you want to work in this particular area and with this organization? Explain your understanding of the issues that this organization addresses.
  • How have your academic studies, work, and personal experiences prepared you to intern for this organization?

Before submitting cover letters, please carefully read each internship description to which you are applying as some special instructions may be indicated for this step. For a general cover letter template, see the one here from the Center for Career Development website. Please do not follow up with the organization to which you are applying. You should not contact the organization unless they contact you first.