Interviews and Offers

Interviews will be held January 11, 12, and 19. Please contact our Student Program Coordinator if you are unable to schedule an interview on those days.  Offers will be made on a rolling basis with all interns placed by April.  An internship offer is made by the PICS staff. Please direct any questions regarding the interview process to our Student Program Coordinator.

When an offer is made to a student, the student will have three days to respond to the offer. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE. Students are not allowed to contact the interviewer directly. As in the business world, we recognize that the time might not allow a student to consider all possible options. Thus we encourage students to think carefully when choosing their internship opportunities.

If the student accepts, all other applicants will be notified, and the student is required to withdraw from all other opportunities to which he or she has applied for the summer.  Reneging on an acceptance is considered a breach of ethical values that results in the possibility of damaging nurtured relationships with community partners and jeopardizes future placements for other students. Reneging on this agreement may result in a loss of Career Services privileges including access to the Handshake on-campus recruiting and job posting system as follows. Please refer to the Career Services, Princeton Student Community Standards for Recruiting for further details on the reneging policy.  

Please note that some internship organizations have specific pre-hire requirements: if these requirements are not met, the internship offer may be rescinded by the internship organization. Any pre-hire requirements are listed in the internship description.