Internships Available in the Second Round

The organizations below are still accepting applications!   APPLY NOW

*Note: If you are in the U.S. on a student visa, please inquire about your eligibility to apply to certain organizations.

B-SAFE St. Stephen's Youth Programs (1 position)

The PICS interns will have key responsibility for helping B-SAFE achieve its academic goals.These goals of our curricula are to develop skills in reading, writing, math, science, and technology through experiential learning and creative teaching.

There is a theme for the summer (last summer, it was "When they go low, we go high," from Michelle Obama). Our PICS interns would offer critical classroom support to student groups who are struggling and the interns would gain meaningful classroom experience as an instructor.  He/she would do essential work in creating connections between specialists, sharing observations, and best practices and most fun activities.

The measure of success for this responsibility will be seen in the quality and creativity of final projects for each specialty at the assigned sites. During past summers, these have included published books of poetry and prose, newspapers, “travel brochures” describing neighborhood sites, surveys and large visual representation of data, spoken word performances, murals, and more. Our PICS interns would have a key role in supporting youth and specialists in achieving high level final projects.


Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia 

Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) is a privately-funded program whose mission is to provide children from low-income Philadelphia families with financial access to quality, safe, K- 8th grade, tuition-based schools, thereby increasing their long-term economic and social success. CSFP grants need-based scholarships to children from low-income Philadelphia families, all of which are awarded by random lottery. CSFP currently serves about 5,300 children enrolled at over 170 private and parochial schools. Because we have a small staff, our PICS interns have been able to help finish projects that our staff is unable to accomplish.

High Jump

High Jump equalizes access to education for Chicago middle school students who have exhibited academic ambition and potential and who are of limited economic means.

We provide academic enrichment, counseling and support to students of diverse backgrounds, with the goals of sending our participants to superior college preparatory schools, ensuring their success while they are there, and enhancing their ability to gain admission to highly regarded four-year colleges and universities.

The intern will have the opportunity to learn about this specific program and other programs aimed at improving access to education for low income and minority students.  The environment in Chicago is especially interesting given the wide gaps in educational quality.  

One Heartland

Improve the lives of children, youth and families facing significant health challenges or social isolation.

A world where everyone feels appreciated, celebrated and free of stigma and discrimination. We want a community where individuals have the opportunity to learn and grow so that they may lead healthier and more productive lives.

Umoja Student Development Corporation 

Umoja's mission is to equip young people to succeed in college and confidently claim their future. Our mission is advanced by being an on-the-ground partner for schools and districts focused on ensuring every student graduates from high school ready for college and career success. We achieve this by preparing teachers, staff and school leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools essential to increasing on-track and graduation rates, decreasing disciplinary infractions and increasing college enrollment.

This intern will be critical in supporting Umoja to continue to grow our fundraising and marketing efforts which is crucial for continuing to grow our impact on students and schools in Chicago. Umoja is a mid-sized non-profit with a near four million dollar budget. This position will not be directly responsible for fundraising or requests to funders, but will learn about the systems and structures that go into supporting a healthy fundraising team.