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The B-SAFE Program (Bishop’s Summer Academic & Fun Enrichment Program) is the summer program of St. Stephen's Youth Programs. SSYP's mission is to promote equity in education, employment, and opportunity through long-term relationships with young people and their families and communities.

B-SAFE provides safe, enriching activities for hundreds of Boston youth and teens (at least in pre-Covid times). The program strives to build a loving community; to broaden the horizons of our young people through academics, the arts, athletics, technology and educational field trips; and to provide meaningful jobs for teens.

B-SAFE Decreases Violence: Children throughout the Boston-area feel unsafe for a variety of reasons, from under-funding and leadership changes at their schools to instability at home to gunfire on the streets of some neighborhoods. Almost all of the young people in our programs have witnessed violence, know someone who has been a victim of violence, and/or have suffered violence themselves. Our youth struggle with the grief and anger which results from experiencing such loss and fears around safety. The B-SAFE Program provides children with physical safety, through vigilant adult supervision, and emotional safety, with our efforts to build a restorative culture and integrate restorative justice practices in all that we do.

B-SAFE Increases Recreational Options: There are not enough high-quality, low-cost programs for young people in the summertime, especially children from families in the under- resourced neighborhoods in the heart of our city. In the absence of programs like the B-SAFE Program, many children spend the summer inside their homes playing video games or outside unsupervised. Providing a safe environment, with educational activities and recreational activities for school age children, is an issue of justice.

B-SAFE Addresses Systemic Racism and Poverty:
Many children with whom we work do not have a strong sense of self or confidence in their abilities. This is related to systemic racism and messages that run through all media. This, in part, causes many of the youth who participate in our programs struggle to succeed in school. Research shows that young people who participate in supportive academic programs like B-SAFE do better in school.

B-SAFE Builds Meaningful Relationships: We work to help our community—children, parents, neighbors—feel connected to each other. By building loving, ongoing, and long- lasting relationships with our children we offer opportunities for youth to feel connected to caring adults, teens and peers. B-SAFE offers our young people praise, support and new skills, encouraging them to have a bigger sense of themselves.

B-SAFE Offers Strong Academic Support:
The academic component of the program is designed to stop the learning slide that happens over the summer and help children get to grade level. At all of our sites, we also will offer justice- creating activities, health and wellness learning and recreational games, music and performing arts, electives such as cooking and dance, as well as field trips. (all pending Covid!)

For more info B-SAFE 2020, check out our program website and our blog.


Boston, MA

Internship Description

Academic Success Promoter (50% time):
The PICS interns will have key responsibility for helping B-SAFE achieve its academic goals. These goals of our curricula are to develop skills in reading, writing, math, science, and technology through experiential learning and creative teaching. There is a theme for the summer (last summer, it was "Be Bold. Be Kind. Be You!"). Our PICS interns offer critical classroom support to student groups who are struggling and the interns gain meaningful classroom experience as an instructor. He/she would do essential work in creating connections between specialists, sharing observations, and
best practices and most fun activities. The measure of success for this responsibility will be seen in the quality and creativity of final projects for each specialty at the assigned sites. During past summers, these have included published books of poetry and prose, newspapers, “travel brochures” describing neighborhood sites, surveys and large visual representation of data, spoken word performances, murals, and more. Our PICS interns have a key role in supporting youth and specialists in achieving high level final projects.

Specialty Day/Partnership Coordinator (20% time):
The PICS interns will have responsibility for planning some of the activities, and coaching other people leading activities, and building partnerships for several specialty days. These afternoons will happen at all of our sites and teach new information to our youth through experiential, hands-on activities. We would like to continue to innovate and improve these specialty days. The PICS intern would have key responsibility for planning and coordinating some of these days, including bringing in experts and doing direct teaching. The measure of success will be the organization and quality of the specialty days as well as student satisfaction (as determined by evaluations).

Overnight Camp Program Designer (20%)
The PICS interns will have key responsibility for planning and carrying out the progression activities for upper level students who participate in the overnight camp in NH. This past summer, these activities included painting in nature, karate, various sports, swimming lessons, canoeing, and science experiments.

Library Support (10%):
At the beginning of the summer, the intern would be assisting the Academic Team and specialists in identifying and distributing the materials needed to teach classes. DEAR time works best when there are books available in a variety of subjects and reading levels. Past PICS interns helped coordinate the donation of thousands of books from our suburban partner churches to build and expand libraries at a number of our sites.

# of weeks

Required Dates

Start Time

End Time

Public Transit



10 June 1 - Aug 5, 2022 8:00am 4:00pm Yes No In-person

Housing Information

We can assist the intern in finding lower cost housing in the Boston area, but we do not provide housing.

Internship Qualifications

There are three sets of qualities that would make a Princeton student the right person for this internship:

PERSONAL QUALITIES: A “can-do” attitude,flexibility, sense of humor, and grace under pressure are essential characteristics for doing this job well. B-SAFE is a well-established program with experimental components. An intern will need creativity and high energy to keep up with the incredibly fast pace of the summer. An entrepreneurial spirit
will also be needed to figure out the best way to help create and improve systems to continue our effort to standardize the kind of teaching and education happening in our multiple sites.

EDUCATIONAL QUALITIES: While not required, this position would be a great fit for a student who is studying to be a teacher, considering a career in education, or exploring community organizing in an urban setting. The intern will get first-hand experience in dealing with issues facing urban public school systems and witness some of the seemingly intractable problems facing America’s city schools as systemic racism, violence, teaching that is geared to standardized tests (and does not reward creativity from teachers or students), limited resources for books and materials, retaining high quality teachers, inadequate facilities, and more. Most of our students speak English as a second language. The B-SAFE Program is committed to offering solutions to these problems and creating a learning environment that is fun, caring, and treats each student as an individual.

EXPERIENCE: There are several types of experiences that would give an intern some advantages: having taught or tutored in an urban public school or afterschool program, having been a student in an urban public school, having worked at a camp serving urban youth, having worked in a non-profit organization. While not required, these types
of experiences would give an intern some of the skills necessary to succeed in the B-SAFE Program as an academic intern. Speaking Spanish, Cape Verdean Creole, or Haitian Creole would be an extra plus.

Additional preferred qualifications:

Having candidates with a special interest or talent in Literacy and STEAM would be a particular benefit this year. We anticipate piloting more specialized programming in these areas and a PICS intern could help launch this innovation.

Writing Sample

  • Essay, Article, or Blog

Special Requirements

  • Background check
  • Vaccinations
  • All work should happen during regular hours. The first two weeks of the internship will likely have a slightly different schedule, closer to 10am-6pm