Brookings Institution

by justineh

PICS Organization Name
The Brookings Institution


Washington, District of Columbia

Weekly Stipend

Public Transportation

Housing Provided

Former Interns
Shobhit Kumar '18 

Organization Description
The Brookings Institution is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level. Brookings values diversity in thought. Interns bring a variety of valuable ideas to our research programs.

Internship Description

*Student must be in the Woodrow Wilson History & Diplomacy program*

Initiative: Development Assistance and Governance Initiative
Program: Global Economy and Development

Examining the universality of the Sustainable Development Goals; identifying innovative models and strategies that have been successful in accelerating development in developing countries and have potential application in developed countries.  
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Internship Qualifications
Students should be familiar with basic concepts in statistics and econometrics, and have some experience working with data sets in Excel, and Stata.
*Student must be in the Woodrow Wilson History & Diplomacy program*

Excellent reaearch and writing skills. Effective communicator.

Expected Start Time
9:00 am

Expected End Time
5:30 pm

Required Dates
6/4/18 - 8/11/18

Internship Length
10 Weeks

Meets Certificate Requirement
Yes, History and Practice of Diplomacy 

Additional Info
Fulfills requirement for the Certificate in History and Practice of Diplomacy 

Various apartment homes and rooms are available to rent in the immediate area

A background check is required.

Evaluation Excerpt

[My alumni partner Joyce Rechtschaffen] is literally amazing. I cannot sing her praises enough. She made this summer so much better for me. She was always available and literally responded to my messages within minutes. We also had several dinners and check ins over the course of the summer. She helped me feel comfortable in DC and I learned so much from her. I admire Joyce so much. My time here would not have been the same without her.
—Shobhit Kumar '18

To see whether this internship is still accepting applications for 2018, please check the Second Round page.


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