Chief Magistrate Judge Cheryl L. Pollak, Eastern District of New York


PICS Organization Name
U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of NY
Magistrate Judge Cheryl Pollak

Brooklyn, New York

Former Interns
Gregory Terrell '21, Morgan Smith '21, Sophie Steinman-Gordon '20, Serena Lu '20, Laura Hausman '20

Organization Description
Judge Pollak is the Chief United States Magistrate Judge sitting in the Eastern District of New York, in the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse. Chambers consists of the Judge, one Judicial Assistant, and two law clerks, with whom the interns work most closely. As a Magistrate Judge, Judge Pollak is assigned to a wide array of civil cases, ranging from personal injury lawsuits, to employment discrimination cases, to habeas corpus petitions. She also takes guilty pleas in criminal matters pending before a District Judge, and when assigned to criminal duty, handles arraignments and the approval of search and arrest warrants. Interns in the past have worked on a wide variety of cases, helping the chambers with all aspects of its written work.

Internship Description
The assignments that the interns will work on will depend on the case load that chambers is handling upon their arrival. The assignments will mostly involve legal research and writing. The interns prepare either legal memoranda, analyzing the legal issues in the case and recommending the proper disposition of the motion based on case law, or the first drafts of opinions of the court. Interns in the past have had the opportunity to attend hearings, conferences, guilty pleas, and trials in the courthouse. The interns will be exposed to all that goes on in chambers and will have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of legal issues and to witness the inner workings of the legal system. 

Weekly Stipend # of Weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Housing Provided? Public Transportation? Certificate Requirement? Can be Remote?
$500/$450 if remote 10 Flexible between 5/10/21 - 8/27/21 9:00 am 5:00 pm No Yes No Yes

Internship Qualifications
Interns should have excellent research and writing skills.  Interns should also be extremely organized and detail-oriented. An interest in law is preferable. 

**Writing sample required: A short writing sample (no more than 15 pages) that reflects the quality of the applicant's writing.

Additional Info
There is available housing nearby in Brooklyn.

The courthouse is located close to most major subway lines in New York City. 

Interns may be subject to a background check and/or fingerprinting. See federal government employment guidelines.  Interns will have forms to fill out in the HR department prior to start of internship and first day of internship.

**Writing sample required: A short writing sample (no more than 15 pages) that reflects the quality of the applicant's writing.

Evaluation Excerpt

Honorable Cheryl Pollak was one of the most inspirational mentors I have had the pleasure of interning for. She was extremely interested in guiding us towards how to become better researchers, thinkers, and writers. The process of writing the different kinds of memos and reports we were responsible for was a daunting task at first given this was my first exposure to the judicial system, but Judge Pollak always encouraged us to ask questions and work together. She edited each of our drafts, giving us concrete feedback on how to improve our writing and research. --Serena Lu '20

If anything, the internship exceeded the advertised description. Serena and I were taken seriously, trusted with important work, and always heard. My respect for the legal system, and especially those judges who are trying to reform it from the inside out, grew exponentially. --Sophie Steinman-Gordon '20

 Judge Pollak was exceptionally generous, compassionate and thoughtful as an alumni partner. She provided stellar advice and took the time to get to know me and my viewpoint. It was a sincere honor to speak with her and work for her and I look forward to furthering our connection! —Laura Hausman '20