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Winnipeg, Canada

Internship Description

NOTE:  As of 12/3/21, international travel remains subject to limitations. Refer to the University’s Pandemic Travel Guidelines for the latest update. Students applying to this internship should be aware it could potentially be subject to cancellation, as there is no remote option. Contact PICS Program Coordinator, Rose Holton with any questions. 

The student will participate in our research program on lung development and congenital diaphragmatic hernia. We study the abnormal lung development in this devastating disease that has costs as many as 400,000 lives since the year 2000. We aim to better understand the abnormal lung development associated with CDH. Our ultimate goal is to develop a prenatal therapy to improve the abnormal lung development before birth to achieve better outcomes for these babies. We have discovered that microRNAs and circular RNAs can be used for prenatal therapy and better prognostication of abnormal lung development in CDH. We have developed nanoparticles to safely deliver these non-coding RNAs in our CDH rat model. The student will work in a collaborative environment with a research associate, postdoctoral fellow, a graduate student and international research fellows and also receive support from technicians in the lab. The intern will be exposed to an ambitious research group performing cutting edge research in prenatal therapy for CDH. The intern will also have a chance to spent a summer in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, one of the world's greatest place in 2021 according to Time magazine:

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10 Flexible 8-9:00am 5:00pm Yes No In person

Housing Information

It is easy to find a rental place in Winnipeg. Members from my research group will help as they have done successfully with previous interns.

Internship Qualifications

Interns applying should possess the following skills or qualities:

  • Motivated, interested and engaged

Additional preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with basic science research or bioinformatics is a bonus

Writing Sample

  • None

Special Requirements

  • Vaccinations
  • We will provide the intern with some voluntary reading prior to the start date