Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia


PICS Organization Name
Children's Scholarship Fund Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Organization Description
Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) is a privately-funded program whose mission is to provide children from under-resourced Philadelphia families with financial access to quality, safe, K-8th grade, tuition-based schools, thereby increasing their long-term economic and social success. CSFP grants need-based, partial scholarships through a random lottery. CSFP currently serves more than 5,000 children enrolled at over 160 private and parochial schools. We have a full time staff of 12 people.

CSFP has benefitted greatly from having PICS interns for the last 6 years. We utilize the intern(s) to assist with special projects and some assignments and work that are challenging for our small staff to accomplish with limited time and resources. We also look closely at the skills and experience that each individual intern brings and determine additional projects based on this information. (e.g. – a 2020 intern was fluent in Vietnamese and he provided assistance with translating documents for our Vietnamese families).

Internship Description

CSFP seeks to make the PICS intern experience unique from year to year. The following is a list of some of the projects that were assigned to PICS interns in 2020.
•Assist in collection, follow up and analysis of survey information (from multiple surveys) from families and schools
•Translation of Program Materials in another language
•Creation of short educational STEM program videos through YouTube or Zoom
•Update family and school information in CSFP’s online database
•Update CSFP website information (school lists, detailed info about CSFP partner schools, etc.
•Event planning – assist in the creation of new virtual event platform for CSFP events
•Prospect research for new CSFP donors
•Update and create new content for CSFP social media
•Create technology tutorials to assist CSFP families
•Update and find new summer resource information for CSFP families
•Upload documents submitted by CSFP families for Emergency Funding

Weekly Stipend # of Weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Housing Provided? Public Transportation? Certificate Requirement? Can be Remote?
$450 10 None 9:00 am 5:00 pm No Yes No Yes

Internship Qualifications


•Previous work experience with under-resourced populations
•Skilled in MS Office


 •Experience/use of social media platforms
•Speak/write in a 2nd language (Spanish or one of the Asian languages)

Additional Info
CSFP has infrequent events that may happen on weekends or evenings. Interns may be asked to participate in these events.

Former Interns
Savanah Pobre '23, Eric Tran '22, Courtney Cappelli '22, Gabriella Tummolo '21, Emily Reinhold '21, Amna Amin '21, Simone Downs '20

Evaluation Excerpt

While calling the parents of the previous recipients of our scholarship, I was reminded of the value of this scholarship program again and again as I heard the words "thank you" over and over again. Parents told me of how lucky they were to have received the scholarship, and how they did not know where their child would be today without having received the scholarship. You could hear the pride in their voices as they were able to tell me that their child was now enrolled in college, ready to take on their latest challenge -- often with another hard-earned merit-based scholarship. -- Courtney Cappelli '22

My supervisor was amazing. I really can't say enough about how integral she was to making my time at CSFP great. (She was open and honest. She critiqued my work and always gave me positive reinforcement. She always guided me, yet always pushed me to be independent and try new things.She not only listened to my opinion but sought it out from time to time. We had weekly check-ins where we talked about my internship, and what I was happy with and how I was doing. It was a great way to make sure everything was going well.)
—Simone Downs '20

This opportunity allowed me to learn that after spending years receiving scholarships with gratitude (which I continue to do), I was also able to be on the other side of this as part of an organization that gives scholarships. I was able to carry the humility I take from my own experience of receiving scholarship money into my work, which helped me connect to CSFP families and serve them from a place of respect and compassion. —Emily Reinhold '21