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Organization Description
Community Ventures is a non-profit developer of affordable housing in Philadelphia. It was incorporated in 1987 with the mission of entering into joint venture redevelopment efforts with locally-based organizations to improve communities and to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Community Ventures works with its partners, most often neighborhood organizations, over a period of several years, planning and building a critical mass of housing and mixed-use development to stabilize and improve those communities. We have also partnered with other non-profit organizations on individual stand-alone projects, primarily to meet special needs. Where possible, Community Ventures continues to work with its locally-based partners over a long period, carrying out a series of projects to establish momentum for the stabilization and improvement of the local real estate market.
At every stage of production, Community Ventures strives to bring the greatest possible improvement to the neighborhoods in which we work to fulfill the goals of our community partners. Community Ventures recognizes the need to reduce the carbon footprint and other environmental impacts of our built environment. In all its work, Community Ventures strives to achieve the highest levels of environmental sustainability and to produce beautiful and high-quality neighborhoods. 

Activities & Size:
Community Ventures is able to achieve its goals with a small development staff of six people in its main office located in Center City Philadelphia. The Princeton Intern would be working with this development team, which is engaged in visioning, planning, partnering with neighborhood organizations, financing and finally overseeing the design, construction and operation of affordable housing and other related community improvement projects. Additional staff at remote locations manages several rental developments located in North Philadelphia and West Philadelphia.

During their internship, the PICS intern will work primarily in our main office and will get to interact with all the aspects of developments currently moving through Community Ventures’ pipeline. Through their work with us, s/he will help us better understand the social impact our developments have within the community we currently serve and the surrounding neighborhoods. This data will help us in better strategizing for our future developments and be more aware of how we can improve our current rentals to maximize our social impact. 

Internship Description
The PICS Intern will assist with one of two projects, depending on the schedule for when the work must be completed and the interests and skills of the student.

Program Evaluation Internship: Community Ventures is currently managing 265 units of affordable housing, many of which have been put in service since the early 1990’s. As we are always looking to improve the quality of our developments in terms of reducing our environmental footprint, providing beautiful, efficient and affordable housing, and removing blight in neighborhoods, we are also seeking to make positive social impacts in the communities we work in. 

CV proposes that during their internship, the PICS intern will research, collect and evaluate data to help us understand the qualitative and quantitative social impact of our current developments. S/he will work in collaboration with Community Venture’s office and management staff to develop and collect tenant surveys. S/he will organize and synthesize them to create a data-set for future reference. The intern will also undertake the research of different existing publicly available data-sets including historical records, maps, real-estate and social trends, and our own. They will also create a concise document with observed patterns, influences and recommendations for future developments. 

Community Planning Internship: Community Ventures is currently seeking funding to renovate one of Philadelphia recreation centers in close collaboration with a inner-city Philadelphia neighborhood. The community-based planning process is one that Community Ventures engages in for most of its development work and will involve meeting with the neighborhood leadership, attending and presenting at community meetings and meeting with individual community members. Depending on his or her skill and understanding, the PICS intern might aid in the development of presentation materials, strategize about the best approach to meeting community concerns and make presentations to individuals or groups of neighbors.

Internship Qualifications
Our work environment is friendly and informal but serious. We are typically working on several different projects at any one time, and any candidate for the position will need to be able to flexible while maintaining calm and a sense of humor. The PICS intern will be a self-guided individual who feels comfortable interacting with people of different walks of life. S/he will be one who is charismatic, thinks critically and have good research skills. An interest in urban issues would be helpful along with strong math and communications skills.

Experience with doing in depth research and data recording is preferred. We are also seeking someone with good writing, listening and people skills. Someone who is proficient with excel and understands community/ housing development.

Expected Start Time
9:00 am

Expected End Time
5:00 pm

Required Dates
No earlier than May 30 – no later than August 23

Internship Length
10 Weeks

Meets Certificate Requirement

Additional Info
Community Ventures' main office is near the center of Center City, Philadelphia PA and is easily accessible via public transportation, which include multiple bus, subway and trolley lines. Due to our office’s central location, it is within reasonable commuting distance via public transit from any Philadelphia neighborhood and most suburban locations, so an extremely large number of housing options are available. The CV office is also located in walking or biking distance from various housing options both in the immediate area and nearby well-connected neighborhoods. The nearby options include hostels, Airbnb and short-term room rentals. Many of those options are fairly priced, such as Apple Hostels of Philadelphia and City House Hostel which currently offer private rooms for about $30.00/ night. Airbnb prices can range from about $600 up to $2,600 for the entire 10-week internship period.

No work will take place outside of regular 9 to 5 work schedule, with the possible exception of up to five evening planning meetings with community organizations that may be partnering with Community Ventures to develop sites.


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