Conservancy of Southwest Florida

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida  is one of the largest & most respected conservation organizations serving SW Florida. Our mission to protect our unique natural environment & quality of life now & forever focuses on Environmental Education; Environmental Science & Research; Environmental Policy & Advocacy & Wildlife Rehabilitation. The Education team provides programs for over 35,000 people annually to explore unique ecosystems & learn how to protect the environment. The Conservancy's STEM Learning Adventures program – which includes Conservancy-hosted, on-site field trips, off-site outreach, online resources, and after-school programming - is aligned with Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and designed to increase students' skills in STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and math) and build on the STEM curriculum taught in school. Further, this program also incorporates a conservation message and inspires students to explore, understand, appreciate, and protect their natural environment. To better support underrepresented and underserved learners in our region who are often unable to come to our campus for our hands-on, immersive science education experiences, we funded and built a new technology-laden mobile classroom - the Learning Adventures Bus (LAB). While outreach to these communities are possible without a mobile classroom, this asset allows us to bring cutting edge technology in a laboratory setting anywhere within driving distance, and work within the unique natural settings (both urban and rural) of partner schools and organizations for meaningful place-based outreach beyond the Conservancy campus. The Conservancy’s LAB also leaves STEM Kits with participating students, providing them with the tools, scientific equipment, and resources to continue exploring their local environments long after they have completed our in-person curricula. The LAB launched in October 2021 with an after-school program partnering with community organizations that primarily serve Title 1 students and communities underrepresented in the sciences. In the summer of 2022, the LAB will deliver a new summer outreach program - Conservancy Summer Learning Adventure Modules, or Summer SLAM. We will bring students at our community partners' summer camps exciting learning adventures that pair local ecological concepts and challenges with outdoor activities and creative art projects. We are seeking an intern to help us prepare for and deliver this program. Sponsoring a Princeton intern would benefit both the intern and the Conservancy in several critical ways. The intern would gain valuable professional experience in developing and delivering environmental education, creatively merging science and art, and engaging with children in activities that can meaningfully connect them with their local environment and a potential career in the sciences. The Conservancy's Education team is small, and our ability to deliver summer programs would be greatly enhanced by the addition of a Princeton intern. While we have an established internship program and a strong infrastructure for supporting interns, we currently do not have the budget to support a summer intern. 


Naples, FL

Internship Description

The intern will be assisting in all aspects of the Summer SLAM program. Our STEM kits students will receive (including scientific artefacts, activities, and tools) will need to be organized and assembled. The intern will need to be well-versed in all of the activities we will be delivering to summer campers including key scientific concepts, outdoor activities, and indoor arts and crafts. The intern will also have to familiarize themselves with all of the on-board mobile classroom equipment including a variety of high-powered projecting microscopes, computers, tablets, and NOAA's flat-screen Science on a Sphere to teach about climate change-related concepts. The intern will then need to facilitate the use of this technology with our summer campers. Previous Conservancy interns have done educational outreach, summer camp, STEM arts and crafts, kit assembly, and the facilitation of scientific exploration through technology. This position uniquely incorporates all of these activities and skill sets. This program exposes interns to a host of STEM-based professional and learning experiences. Interns also receive the satisfaction and enjoyment of delivering these unique experiences free of cost to the communities in SW Florida that most need this type of engagement.

# of weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Public Transit Housing  Format
10 5/22 - 7/30 2022 8:00am  5:00pm No Yes In Person

Housing Information

Housing is provided free of charge.

Internship Qualifications

  • Interns must have experience with or be comfortable working with secondary school-aged students from diverse communities and backgrounds, who will often have limited knowledge of the subject matter being taught through our outreach. 
  • Interns should have a solid knowledge of basic ecological concepts and be able to relate those concepts to younger learners. 
  • Interns should be technologically proficient and be able to facilitate the use of technology with younger learners. 
  • Interns should have a general interest in environmental education . 

Additional qualifications:

  • Fluent Spanish. 
  • Teaching experience. 
  • An aptitude in arts and crafts.

Writing Sample Required


Special Requirements

  • Background check
  • Vaccinations
  • Drug Screening