Correctional Association of New York

On May 9, 1846, the Prison Association of New York (which changed its name to Correctional Association of New York in 1961) was incorporated by the New York State Legislature in an effort to provide independent oversight of jails and prisons, and keep the legislature informed of “their state and condition, and all such other things in regard to them as may enable the Legislature to perfect their government and discipline” (L.1846, Ch. 163, §6). Today, CANY conducts oversight of prisons in New York state through onsite monitoring visits, confidential correspondence with people in prison, and research activities. 

CANY provides independent oversight of prisons in New York State in order to promote transparency and accountability; safeguard the human and civil rights of incarcerated people; eliminate harmful practices and policies; and decrease the use of incarceration in New York. 

CANY envisions a future in which our criminal justice system uses an entirely different approach to responding to violence and social concerns. In this vision, prisons look nothing like they do today: far fewer people are held for much shorter sentences in transformed conditions that promote health, safety, and justice for incarcerated individuals, communities, and society at large.


Brooklyn, NY

Internship Description

Interns working with CANY have a unique opportunity to participate in independent, nongovernmental oversight of New York state correctional facilities and to advance criminal justice reform activities. As one of only two organizations in the country that has the ability to monitor prison conditions, interns will have access that very few others have to enter a typically closed and non-transparent system and institution. In addition, interns will have the opportunity to participate in social justice advocacy, research, and policy work – everything from direct interactions with public officials to report writing and official submissions to partnerships with currently and formerly incarcerated people. 

Each year, CANY’s staff, interns, and volunteers work on a number of projects that carry out our mandate and mission. These projects involve onsite prison monitoring; data collection, data analysis, and reporting; stakeholder engagement and collaboration with other advocacy organizations; policy analysis and legal research; and other activities related to the operation of a nonprofit organization. Projects are implemented by CANY staff members, interns, and volunteers appropriately according to interest, experience, and availability. 

# of weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Public Transit Housing  Format
10 Flexible 9:00am 5:00pm Yes No Hybrid

Housing Information

No information provided.

Internship Qualifications

Interest in and commitment to criminal justice reform. Skills in written communications and data analysis are desirable. No prior experience necessary.

Writing Sample Required


Special Requirements

  • Background Check
  • Vaccinations
  • If attending prison monitoring visits, interns must undergo background check and have the COVID vaccine