Epiphany School


PICS Organization Name
Epiphany School

Boston, Massachusetts

Organization Description

Epiphany School is a school for economically disadvantaged children with scholarships for all students. Epiphany operates a Middle School and recently opened a groundbreaking early learning center. Our Principal, Dr. Michelle Sanchez, would benefit from having a Princeton intern by her side in her work at both schools.

Internship Description
The PICS intern in this position would be working daily with Dr. Michelle Sanchez. The PICS intern will be exposed to all aspects of working at a school, including curriculum development, research/assessment, physical plant, staff hiring etc.

Weekly Stipend # of Weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Housing Provided? Public Transportation? Certificate Requirement? Can be Remote?
$500 8 5/31/21 - 7/30/21 8:00 am, flexible 4:00 pm, flexible No Yes No No

Internship Qualifications

  • Excellent executive skills--e.g., project management, writing, and communication
  • Experience working in education and/or in low-income communities
  • Perseverance

Additional Info

  • CORI (Criminal Background)
  • SORI (Sexual Offender Check)

Former Interns
Tamilore Ajeigbe '22, Nina He '21

Evaluation Excerpt

Working at Epiphany was definitely a unique experience for me and gave me a new perspective on education in underprivileged areas of our world and the education/economy gap. I learned a lot about the kids and the experiences that they have gone through. I saw what Epiphany gave to the kids and I saw the opportunities that I had, some of which these  children may never have. Most of the kids are so talented and smart, but have experienced such hardship due to their environment growing up. It was amazing to be able to swim with these kids, help them with a math problem, or encourage them to try something new.
—Izzy Reis '19

 I feel that I did connect with the service mission of Epiphany; as someone who comes from a very privileged background, it was definitely an eye opening experience to work with kids who have very different home environments, experiences, and families from myself. I felt very grateful to have been able to contribute to an organization that has the potential to bridge this gap and launch their students into their greatest potential. —Nina He '21

I've learned that no one deserves to have an inadequate education because of their income status. Seeing how hard the parents worked so that their kids could continue to come to Epiphany and how involved the kids were made me realize that good education shouldn't be a privilege but a right.
--Tamilore Ajeigbe '22