Groundwork Bridgeport

PICS Organization Name
Groundwork Bridgeport

Bridgeport, CT

Organization Description

Groundwork Bridgeport is a community based organization that was established over 20 years ago with a mission to work towards the regeneration of Bridgeport, CT, a post- industrial city which fell into decline after the loss of the manufacturing base that made it prosper. Currently the primary activity of the organization is running year-round programs for high-school students that teach them about landscape design, horticulture, and creative placemaking with the aim of preparing the students to be the future stewards of the environment in which they live. As an organization with a permanent staff of only two people, each person that works at the organization, whether temporary or permanent, part-time or full-time becomes an integral part of the work that the organization does, from the smallest task to the larger ones. An intern that works at Groundwork Bridgeport has the opportunity to make a difference in the work the organization does and have an influence on the students that participate in our programs.

The intern will work closely with the Executive Director, a Princeton alumna, as well the program coordinator who oversees the youth programs. Over the last 3 three years, the Executive Director's strategy has been to put a laser focus on developing its youth programs such that they support its program participants in being part of what makes their city better, affirm to them they can make a difference, and provide opportunities for them to grow and learn in ways they may not have had the chance to do before. We work not only to inspire them to do things they may not have thought they could do before, but to share in the inspiration they bring to the staff by simply being who they are.

Internship Description

The work the Program Intern will be doing involves working on projects and day-to-day tasks with the goal of growing and improving our programs, extending and expanding our reach and recognition, and generally Groundwork Bridgeport's profile within the community and beyond as we implement our strategy to grow from being centered in one city to working across the state. The tasks will primarily revolve around fundraising events to support the organization.

By the end of the summer, the intern will acquire skills in placemaking, storytelling, and community organizing. The intern will also have a better understanding of how to address the opportunity gap needs in an urban community.

Weekly Stipend # of Weeks Start Time End Time Housing Provided? Public Transportation? Certificate Requirement? Can be Remote?
$450 8 10:00 am 5:00 pm No Yes No Yes

Internship Qualifications
We require someone who is well organized, is detail oriented, is analytical, enjoys working with high-school aged youth, enjoys the outdoors, and who constantly seeks to improve on how things are done.

Preferred skills include being savvy with using Microsoft office or the Google office suite, adept with using social media, and generally able to quickly pick up new software tools. Ideally an eye for graphics and design is welcomed as well.

Additional Info
A background check is done for all staff that will interact with our youth (i.e. those students under 18 years old)

Former Interns
Ben Burns '23, Chaz Bethel-Brescia '22

Evaluation Excerpt

Groundwork actively works with students to get them invested in their communities. They give them opportunities to host events and maintain different parts of the city, such as park trails. Thus, I felt I was definitely with the right organization to institute social change. As for an enriching experience, this internship gave me my first semblance of a job that requires around the clock investment.  -- Ben Burns '23

What satisfied me the most about my work this summer was being able to visually see the impact that we were having on the community, and to work with kids who are proud of where they come from and want to work toward making their city more beautiful and sustainable. --Chaz Bethel-Brescia '22