Impact Broward (1-2 positions)

by justineh

PICS Organization Name
Impact Broward


Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Weekly Stipend

Public Transportation

Housing Provided

Former Interns
Lena Hu '20

Organization Description
Since 1965, Impact Broward helps to solve community problems with senior volunteers. By summer of 2018, however, Impact Broward will be re-branded and relaunched as a new think and act tank that will research and implement socioeconomic solutions to support the aging community.

Given the broad scope of our work, Impact Broward regularly confronts policy obstacles that if removed, would make lives better for the populations we serve. Having a thoughtful, civically -minded Princeton intern to help us build a public policy agenda for the federal, state and local level would provide a much-needed substantive voice to the organization and the population it serves.

Internship Description

Please note that you may apply to each of the following positions with a single PICS organization selection, however you must write a separate cover letter for each position for which you would like to be considered. Include all cover letters for this organization in ONE pdf document.

Position Public Policy Intern
(Communications, Government, Public Policy, Social Services)

This intern will be responsible for identifying and researching stakeholders to advance our mission. Work will include identifying local, state and national government stakeholders, advocacy research, and developing a communications strategy. Interns should have a strong interest in government affairs and public policy that could support rethinking government's approach to aging.

Position: Economic Research Intern
(Community Development, Health Policy, Public Policy, Social Services) 

This intern will support the development of a research agenda for the new think and act tank. Specifically, this intern will support the creation of a socioeconomic research agenda. Interest in labor, technology, financial and other related socioeconomic issues requiring new approaches is required.

Internship Qualifications
Interns who are seeking to build their expertise in government affairs, political science, communications, economics or nonprofit management should apply.

A willingness to take on any task is required. Also strong research and writing skills are needed. Finally a sense of humor and intellectual curiosity are required.

Expected Start Time
9:00 am

Expected End Time
5:00 pm

Required Dates

Internship Length
8 Weeks

Meets Certificate Requirement

Additional Info
There are many AirBnB or short term stay options near our location.
Background check may be required.

Evaluation Excerpt

[My supervisor,] Peter was great! He was clearly super busy but made time to talk with me whenever I needed guidance. He is also one of the most personable people I've met. He made the work environment fun, guided, and clear. I couldn't have been happier with his mentorship.
—Lena Hu '20


To see whether this internship is still accepting applications for 2018, please check the Second Round page.


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