James Wilson Bridges, MD Medical Society

The James Wilson Bridges, MD Medical Society represents the nearly 300 African American physicians in South Florida. Our mission:

  • Promote optimal health for African-Americans.
  • Eliminate health disparities.
  • Protect the viability of the practicing physician.
  • Build our technical and organizational capacities.

Our organization aims to increase awareness on climate change health impacts on the underserved. The intern will assist us in developing presentations to educate our physicians and community. Currently, JWBMS has no staff and the volunteer physicians with the proposed intern, and collaborating with Florida Clinicians for Climate Action can achieve our goals.

Climate change will have a major and potentially devastating effect on Miami Dade County and many of the poorest people are unprepared. JWBMS plans to assist our members, the patients they serve and the underserved Miami -Dade County communities understand the science and health effects of climate change. The project will develop the presentations, train speakers and share the presentations with members and community.


Pembroke Pines, FL

Internship Description

Internship duties include:

  • Research and develop PowerPoint presentation on major health impacts of climate change: Heat illness, heart and lung conditions, asthma, traumatic injuries, water and food borne illnesses, mental health and vector borne diseases.
  • Collaborate with FCCA to increase involvement of physicians: phone calls, meetings, webinars, fundraising etc.
  • Under FCCA guidance, assist in advocating for policy addressing climate change and contacting lawmakers.
  • Participate in training physicians to communicate effectively with media.
  • Assist in managing Instagram and Facebook posting of FCCA and JWBMS activities.
# of weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Public Transportation Housing  Format
8 Flexible Flexible Flexible Yes No Hybrid

Housing Information

Dormitory space available at FIU. Most students prefer living in the Brickell area. The internship requires limited in-person interaction and can be done virtually.

Internship Qualifications

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills Knowledge of PowerPoint, Word, Excel
  • Knowledge of social media: Instagram and Facebook
  • Strong interest in medicine and the social determinants of health Interest in poor communities
  • Basic knowledge of history of African American physicians and National Medical Association
  • A self-directed nature and good time management skills
  • Adaptability  to challenges posed while working in small volunteer organization with limited resources
  • Intern must believe that climate change is occurring, human activity is primarily responsible and fossil fuel must be reduced and probably eliminated. Additionally, they must be able to understand the resistance they may encounter in Florida when discussing climate change and be able to calmly discuss their point of view.

Writing Sample Required?


Special Requirements

  • Vaccinations

Additional Information

There are evening virtual meetings requiring the intern's attendance.