James Wilson Bridges, M.D. Medical Society

by justineh

PICS Organization Name
James Wilson Bridges, M.D. Medical Society


Pembroke Pines, Florida

Weekly Stipend

Public Transportation

Housing Provided

Former Interns
Rohan Gupta '21

Organization Description
The National Medical Association (NMA), formed in 1895 as the result of discrimination against black physicians.  has affiliations with state organizations, which in turn affiliated with local organizations.  James Wilson Bridges, MD Medical Society, a 501 c3 organization is the local representative NMA society.

Our mission is to promote optimal health for African-Americans, eliminate health disparities, protect the viability of the practicing physician underrepresented in medicine and build our technical and organizational capacities.   Yearly, almost 30-40% of eligible African descent physicians in South Florida are paid members (60-80).  However, all physicians that share our mission may join. 

Our activities include:

  1. Providing educational opportunities for our physicians through continuing medical education classes which focus on health issues that impact Black and other minorities
  2. Fundraising for medical student  scholarships through our annual Walk a Mile with a Child and Holiday Party
  3. Hosting a  summer internships for premedical students
  4. Providing  individual mentoring and shadowing experience for premedical students.
  5. Providing speakers to other community organizations on desired health topics and
  6. Strengthening the relationships among the physicians and medical students.

The organization is governed by practicing physicians that do not have the time to develop interventions to addresses emerging problems facing our communities.  Having a Princeton intern expands our research capabilities and ability to develop better solutions.

Also, for premed students we will be able to provide shadowing experiences during the summer.

Internship Description
Climate change will have a major and potentially devastating effect on Miami Dade County and many of the poorest people are unprepared.  JWBMS plans to  assist our members, the patients they serve and the underserved Miami -Dade County communities understand  the science and  health effects of climate change. The project will develop the presentations, train speakers and share the presentations with members and community.

The summer intern will help us prepare  presentations, specifically for underrepresented communities to be used by the physicians to understand climate change and share with their patients and communities.  Too, intern will assist JWBMS leadership to alert media through Op-Ed articles and letters to the editors of various newspapers, webinars, and  social media platforms.

This intern is expected to review climate change information collected by NMA and JWBMS and research current science  (especially in relation to impact African American communities) to create the presentations.  To disseminate the information, the intern will train with a JWBMS partner, CLEO Institute to present climate change information  in order to develop a cadre of JWBMS speakers. The JWBMS premedical student summer interns will be required to complete this training. The intern will be required to contact the JWBMS members and local community organizations to schedule presentations and recruit physicians to participate in 'Climate Change Speakers Bureau'.

Intern with interest in health, medicine and climate change with strong communications skills will excel.  Also, interest in caring and communicating with the underserved communities is essential as the job requires flexibility in work hours and comfort in traveling to less safe non English speaking  neighborhoods.

The intern will benefit by learning more about climate change and understanding how physicians can improve health outcomes by addressing social issues.  Their basic research and writing skills will also improve during this internship.

Internship Qualifications

  1. Good communications skills.
  2. Good research and writing
  3. Knowledge of power point and  social media- Twitter, Facebook
  4. Strong interest in medicine and the social determinants of health
  5. Interest in poor communities
  6. Basic knowledge of history of African American physicians and National Medical Association.
  7. Self directed, good time management .
  8. Adapts well to challenges posed while working in small volunteer organization with limited resources.

Expected Start Time
10:00 am

Expected End Time
6:00 pm

Required Dates

Internship Length
8 Weeks

Meets Certificate Requirement
Yes, Global Health Policy

Additional Info
Organization will assist student in finding a host family or roommate.

The hours will be variable as there should be evening events that require the intern's attendance.

Vaccinations are required- Interns may be with children.

Evaluation Excerpt

My internship influenced system social change greatly by educating both the children and the adults in Miami about climate change through STEM projects and fact sheets. Additionally, I was able to incorporate ways of combating climate change and adjusting to the changing environment. In doing so, I was able to reinforce my own knowledge of the subject and learn how it applied to the daily lives of Floridians. -- Rohan Gupta '21

Applications for Summer 2020 will open in November 2019. 


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