Ka Honua Momona International

Ka Honua Momona’s mission is to be a model of sustainability mauka a makai (from the mountains to the sea). We seek to foster connections between all aspects of the island ecosystem, including the people and the culture, and we firmly believe that Molokai can again return to abundance and become a self-sufficient model for others. Our primary longterm goals are to develop indigenous education systems by revitalizing natural and cultural resources and to perpetuate traditional knowledge and stewardship while evolving with modern technology.

Our activities include:

  • Removal of mangrove (invasive tree) and gorilla ogo (invasive seaweed)
  • Rock Wall rebuilding
  • Site work (vegetable garden planting, aquaponics start, cut grass, chip wood)
  • Fishpond Fridays once a month (evening: vendors, music, discussion)
  • Ohana (family) Campout once a month
  • Community Work Days once a month
  • Saturday Market promotion Tours on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Healthy Cooking Class
  • Hale o Hina
  • Hosting Kupu Interns
  • Beach Clean-up at Mo’omomi
  • E Alu Pu campout weekend
  • Data Tracking Organization

Our interns gain several benefits from this internship, including:

  • Cultural education on ancient Hawaiian traditions
  • Environmental restoration
  • Translate to work back at Princeton
  • Learn how to work with a small team
  • Engage with community
  • Event planning
  • Hands-on non-profit work

Ka Honua Momona has benefited tremendously over the past three years from the help of Princeton summer interns--as we have a small staff with a big impact, we really appreciate the extra hands, hearts and minds. We also enjoy mentoring the next generation of professionals and are developing a "Princeton Pipeline" as part of our Ka Honua Momona ʻohana (family).


Kaunakakai, HI

Internship Description

Potential Activities for the Intern include:

  • Habitat restoration: Protecting the native pond fish by removing invasive Mangrove & Gorilla ogo.
  • Office administration: Grant proposal writing; attending seminars about how to expand and grow the non-profit.
  • Event planning & staffing: KHM participates and hosts many weekend programs, including:
    • E Alu Pu: an annual fishpond campout/conference; includes a conversation on different non-profit work around the islands, hands-on work mauka a makai, as well as cultural activities.
    • Hale o Hina: an annual weekend of camping and community-building for women around the islands 
    • Fishpond Friday: a monthly evening of music, cultural workshops, guest speakers and usually pizza making in our outdoor oven; leads into a Ohana (family-centered) Campout, a Community Work Day in the fishponds, and a potluck
    • Saturday Market in Kaunakakai

There may also be special projects, such as press release writing, publicity design, website development, or film projects, depending on skills and interests of the applicant.

# of weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Public Transportation Housing  Format
10 Flexible 8:00am 4:00pm Yes Yes - $150/week

In person

Internship Qualifications

  • Proficiency in writing and Microsoft Excel
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs
  • Responsible, positive, solutions-oriented, hard-working
  • Flexible and an independenet thinker 
  • Doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty
  • Shares our commitment to self-education on practices of the fishpond and Hawaiian culture

We plan to meet with the intern in the first week to go over skills, the potential projects, KHM, non-profits, the schedule, the expectations. 

Additional Qualifications

  • Experience in communications, web design, and graphic design a plus
  • Experience in teaching, cultural sensitivity, and community work a plus
  • Hands-on experience with gardening, aquaculture, or power tools a plus 

Writing Sample Required?

Respond to the following prompt: What makes you a good fit for Ka Honua Momona? What special skills will you bring and how do you hope to impact our organization? What do you hope to bring back to Princeton with you? And at this point in your life, how do you hope to change the world?

Special Requirements

  • Vaccinations
  • If applicable, any health certifications in CPR, etc.

Additional Information

As much as possible, the intern's time can be flexed to account for weekend work (for example, working Tuesday-Saturday instead of Monday-Friday on certain weeks, etc.)