NOAA Office for Coastal Management

NOAA's Office for Coastal Management supports communities and the nation with the best ways to address storm preparedness, erosion, development, habitat loss, sea level rise, public access, and threats to water quality, to name a few. As a scientific organization, NOAA provides access to the science and environmental intelligence communities need for these tasks.

Four major programs make up the Office for Coastal Management, and each counts on active partnerships with all sectors to be successful. The two that the intern will focus on include:

  • National Coastal Zone Management Program – A unique federal and state partnership that provides the most direct implementation of coastal management policy. Thirty-four states have a federally approved coastal management program.
  • National Estuarine Research Reserve System – Leading the nation’s estuary science efforts, this program produces groundbreaking research and provides environmental health data. The network of 29 protected areas also contributes local, science-based training and education programs and provides unique recreational opportunities.


Silver Spring, MD

Internship Description

  • Support strategic planning efforts for both CZM and NERR programs as they collect information to revise their 5 year strategic plans.
  • Support application development for designation as international wetlands of significance with the Ramsar Convention.
  • Support coastal resilience planning for the NERRS.
  • Support stewardship activities for the NERR system.

# of weeks

Required Dates

Start Time

End Time

Public Transit



10 Flexible 8:00am 4:30pm Yes No Hybrid

Housing Information

Will likely be virtual as our offices are not yet open and will be under renovation. Per last year, will try to get intern to a reserve and/or have an onsite experience, but will not be able to occur in Silver Spring, MD at the office.

Internship Qualifications

Good communicator, collaborator who is organized and able to assemble and assimilate and apply information.

Writing Sample

  • None

Special Requirements

  • Background check