Partners for Women and Justice

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Partners for Women and Justice


Montclair, New Jersey

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Former Interns
Yu Jeong Lee '22

Organization Description
Partners provides free legal services to low-income victims of domestic violence. Partners has a statewide reach and is active in the domestic violence services community and works with many other agencies and the courts to support victims of domestic violence.

Partners was founded in 2002, as domestic violence advocates came to recognize that sheltering victims was only one way to keep victims and their children safe. Many states, including New Jersey, enacted laws allowing victims to obtain civil orders to require abusers to move out of the home and refrain from
contact with the victim, offering a better solution than entering shelter. Legal services remains the number one requested service of domestic violence victims.

Partners' mission is to empower low-income victims and survivors of domestic violence to build safe and secure future for themselves and their children by providing equal access to justice. Partners' Legislative and Judicial Advocacy Program leverages the organization's expertise to go beyond direct legal services and to emphasize legislative and judicial advocacy. PICS interns can augment Partners' efforts to address systemic--and sometimes dangerous--problems affecting domestic violence victims.

Internship Description
The Policy and Communications Intern will work on current policy priorities which include improving victim safety, enhancing access to justice, and supporting children of survivors of intimate partner violence. As policy and communications are intertwined, the intern will also have the opportunity to work on projects such as the annual report, our quarterly newsletter, or social media posts. Interns may observe Partners' court cases from initial client interview to trial to understand the civil protection system.

Current policy priorities include the Pre-Trial Safety Project which seeks to reduce domestic violence homicides and near-fatalities during the time in between arrest and trial and the Child Support Initiative which addresses systemic obstacles to safe access to child support. Past intern projects included research for a New Jersey Supreme Court brief, contributing to the annual report, developing recommendations and a PowerPoint on criminal protection orders, and analyzing the connection between domestic violence and adverse childhood experiences.

The intern should be flexible and anticipate working on an array of assignments as needed, as our policy agenda will continue to evolve over the coming months. An intern can anticipate learning about the challenges victims of domestic violence face in leaving their abusers, the complexity in shaping and moving public policy, and barriers to successful implementation of policy. The intern will hone research, writing, and communication skills..

Internship Qualifications
--demonstrated commitment to social justice work
--independent learner
--strong writing and analytical skills
--team player

Proficiency in PowerPoint, Spanish, infographics, data analyis, and/or social media

**Writing Sample Required: Any student paper, no more than 10 pages in length.

Expected Start Time
8:30 am

Expected End Time
5:00 pm

Required Dates
No earlier than May 28 – no later than August 28

Internship Length
8 Weeks

Meets Certificate Requirement

Additional Info
Our PICS intern last summer obtained housing in an air conditioned dorm at Montclair State University. Commuters from NY Penn station can reach the office within 35 minutes on NJ transit.

**Writing Sample Required: Any student paper, no more than 10 pages in length.

Evaluation Excerpt

I was more than satisfied with all my projects, and feel like they all complimented each other well. The pre-trial safety initiative was my overarching project for the summer, and I was surprised to see how each research project came together in the end to present a comprehensive overview of the criminal system in New Jersey. --Yu Jeong Lee '22

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