Partnership for Public Service


PICS Organization Name
Partnership for Public Service

Washington, District of Columbia

Organization Description

We all deserve a government that is responsive to the needs of our fellow citizens. While others may debate whether government should be bigger or smaller, we focus on making it better.

Since our founding in 2001, we have worked to make government more effective and efficient. Our nonpartisan stance allows us to collaborate with many different stakeholders who share our vision for a better government. We serve as a bridge between administrations, across the political aisle and from government to the private sector, bringing together diverse perspectives to develop forward-thinking solutions and put them into action.

But improving government requires more than just ideas—we need a talented corps of knowledgeable, action-oriented problem-solvers capable of driving results and innovation. That’s why we work with leaders throughout government to help them transform the government we have into the government we need.

We lead proactive efforts to make the federal government more effective. We convene stakeholders from across the public and private sectors to solve critical management challenges, and we work with federal agencies, Congress and the administration to deliver results.

The Partnership has been recognized by the NonProfit Times as a Best Nonprofit to Work For, the Washington Post as a Top Workplace, and by the Business of Giving podcast in its "Better than Most" segment.

The Partnership has about 110 full-time employees, and we host a cohort of approximately 20 interns each term. We have enjoyed hosting PICS interns in the past, especially because of the alignment with our respective missions. Additionally, PICS interns have contributed to the work of the Partnership in meaningful ways, and we anticipate the same quality work moving forward.

We take the quality our intern program seriously and incorporate opportunities for professional and personal growth. We are confident in our ability to provide a high-quality experience that provides value to the intern and the organization.

Internship Description

Option 1:
Interns on our Programs team have the unique opportunity to develop leadership and management skills by helping our team deliver a variety of programs for federal employees. Our programs aim to develop strong leaders, engage employees, enhance management, encourage innovation and address workforce challenges, such as recruiting and hiring talent. Our audience includes agencies as varied as the Executive Office of the President, NASA and the Intelligence Community.

Interns’ work portfolios will align with our programmatic areas of federal workforce programs, government effectiveness, leadership development and federal executive networks. Interns’ specific responsibilities will include a combination of program administration, training and event planning and logistics, presentation development, data and information synthesis and analysis, note taking, and background research. Interns will support a variety of programs and projects and work closely with multiple people across the organization.

During their internship, interns will learn more about project management, nonprofit management, data collection and analysis, relationship management, event planning and logistics, and customer service. At the end of their term, interns will come away with a greater understanding of how the federal government and its agencies work.

Option 2:
The Partnership’s research advises government on topics such as customer experience, artificial intelligence, innovation, change management, recruiting and hiring talent, employee engagement and performance management, and oversees the Partnership’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning portfolio.

Research, Analysis and Evaluation interns will have the opportunity to work on research products, data analysis, and/or program evaluations. Interns may shape research products that aim to make government more effective, helping to produce high-visibility reports, insightful issue briefs and innovative research projects, such as the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® Rankings. Additionally, interns may assist in evaluating the short-and long-term outcomes of the Partnership’s programs and support efforts to increase data-driven decision-making.

Interns’ specific responsibilities will include a combination of conducting background research, attending and writing summaries of interviews with federal leaders and private sector experts, analyzing program data or responding to information requests. Most research interns also assist in planning and carrying out the logistics of roundtable discussions and public-facing report release events. Interns may also collect, analyze and present on quantitative and qualitative data, build databases and dashboards for tracking program metrics, and assist with survey design and management.

Weekly Stipend # of Weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Housing Provided? Public Transportation? Certificate Requirement? Can be Remote?
$500 8 or 10 5/28/21 - 8/28/21 9:00 am 6:00 pm No Yes No Yes

Internship Qualifications

Option 1:
The ideal candidate will have strong time management and communication skills, attention to detail, adaptability, commitment to exceptional customer service, and a willingness to learn professional skills indispensable in any workplace.

Option 2:
The ideal candidate will have some social science research experience and possess strong writing skills, qualitative or quantitative data analysis and visualization skills, organization and time management skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, especially Excel. Experience with Qualtrics and/or PowerBI/Tableau is a plus. Data science skills highly desired. Candidates should be able to work independently and in a team setting.

Additional Info

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working remotely and have allowed maximum flexibility for work schedules. If we are in person, there are times when an intern may need to arrive early or stay late to help with an event. If so, they would work with their supervise to identify ways to come in late/leave early to make up for that time.

Internships can be 8 or 10 weeks.

Former Interns
Talha Iqbal '22, Caren Ju '22, Dora Zhao '21, Terrell Seabrooks '21

Evaluation Excerpt

I really enjoyed meeting with managers from various entities of the federal government's executive branches as well as the private sector. It offered me great insight into the type of partnerships which can form between the two groups and the nature of their relationship.-- Talha Iqbal '22

The Partnership for Public Service is a mission-driven organization, and it, very admirably, stays very true to its mission. I feel that staff is really working to make the government more effective and more efficient without being partisan in their recommendations. Through this internship, I learned so much more about our federal government and the dedicated career civil servants who work at various agencies. Through my time at the Partnership, I got a deep dive into the inner-workings of our government—an opportunity that I think everyone should have. —Dora Zhao '21

As a result of my service I have learned many important things. Most important is that service always be your main occupation... no matter what profession you choose.  —Terrell Seabrooks '21