Penn Medicine - DeMatteo Lab

The DeMatteo Laboratory with Penn Medicine is a basic/translational research lab that focuses on cancer biology and immunology in gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST). GIST is the most common human sarcoma and is often caused by a single mutation in an oncogene. We use multiple immunocompetent genetically engineered mouse models to study GIST, with the goal of better understanding oncogene signaling pathways and tumor immunobiology. Ultimately our mission is to discover novel therapies for advanced GIST that are unable to be treated effectively with current therapies. We aim to foster a supportive and collaborative learning environment that allows trainees at each level to grow and become better scientists. We all benefit from being able to teach and inspire students to go into biomedical research, and we look forward to hosting an intern with whom we can discuss ideas and perform experiments.


Philadelphia, PA

Internship Description 

Projects in our lab are constantly evolving, so a discrete project cannot be advertised at this time. The experience will involve learning how to design scientific hypotheses and then testing a given hypothesis. The project will be tailored to the intern’s specific areas of interest. The intern will learn experimental design and important assay techniques, and be taught and supervised along the way by all members of the lab. 

We have a history of hosting PICS interns in the past. For example, one student learned how to design a mouse experiment to test a novel therapy, and then performed the experiment and the subsequent analysis assays: flow cytometry, western blot and immunohistochemistry. The student also learned how to perform a cytokine array. They then learned how to interpret the results and present the data in our lab meeting. 

Our lab has a keen interest in education/training, which means that the intern will learn a lot about the scientific method as it is practiced in real life. The intern will learn to design a project and interpret/present the data. Additionally, we have scientists who are both MDs and PhDs, who will provide career guidance to the intern. 

Interns will also have the ability to shadow in the operating room as well as in a surgical oncology clinic if they would like to pursue that experience. 

# of weeks Required Dates Start Time End Time Public Transportation Housing  Format
10 Flexible 9:00am  5:00pm Yes No In Person

Housing Information

We are located on the University of Pennsylvania campus, which has abundant housing options available for students. 

Internship Qualifications

We seek interns who are motivated to learn about cancer biology or immunology, or are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. We are looking for interns who are self-motivated, mature and hard-working. The intern should have completed basic introduction to biology coursework. Previous laboratory experience is not required.

Additional qualifications:

  • Biology lab experience is not required but is helpful for interns to maximize the benefit of their summer experience.

Writing Sample Required


Special Requirements

  • Vaccinations