Young Scholars Charter School

by rivan

PICS Organization Name
Young Scholars Charter School


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Trenton, New Jersey

Weekly Stipend 

Public Transportation Available

Housing Provided

Former Interns 
Patricia Chen '20, Alexus Fraser '19

Organization Description 
The mission of Young Scholars is to provide a personalized middle school education that challenges, engages and prepares all students to passionately pursue their dreams and lead a life of active citizenship. 

We believe that an intern would gain a great perspective into many different facets of education from the charter school perspective, urban needs perspective, leadership and teacher
view etc. We have a start-up feel that is high energy and urgent and are constantly striving to be better and improve our impact for students! 

Someone who is interested in learning about urban education, and supporting students and families would gain the most from this experience.

Internship Description

Intern responsibilities include assisting the regional management team with research projects, administrative and development duties, school-wide events, and network-wide communication. See below for the details and breakdown of these responsibilities:

  1. Assist the regional management team in research projects(25%):
    •    Research a variety of topic from local Urban Education Reform initiatives to State and Federal school policies, etc.
    •    Provide research supports for grants, foundations, etc.
    •    Format and present research to members of Executive Team and Board of Trustees
  2. Administrative and development assistance(25%):
    •    Assist the Operations teams with designing and maintaining systems that enhance the organization's efficiency
    •    Organize and assemble files and portfolios
    •    Assist with communication across the region, including emails, phone calls, and calendars
  3. Plan, organize, and assist with network and school-wide events (15%)
    •    Find donors, vendor, and supplies for events, i.e. summer school activities, academic training events, network-wide meetings, professional development programming
    •    Assist with event planning and budget
    •    Attend fundraising and social networking events
    •    Create and disseminate invitations, reminders, and calendars
  4. Assist with community engagement projectsand campaigns (10%)
    •    Work closely with the school director on goal-setting and implementation for the summer and school year
    •    Create and organize resources for student recruitment campaigns 
    •    Engage with community groups, including School Advisory Councils
  5. Assist with school start up (25%)
    •    supporting physical aspect of ensuring readiness of the building; this could include furniture movement, classroom set up, cleaning and other tasks

Internship Qualifications

  • Interest in urban education and desire to contribute to effort to eradicate educational inequality
  • Strong administrative background and interest in project management
  • Strong research skills
  • Ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively
  • Team player who will assist in areas of interest as time allows
  • Desire to occasionally work with students in the classroom and during summer activities
  • Strong excel and data skills would be an asset in managing and executing some reporting and analysis projects
  • Interest in procedures necessary for successful schools and student achievement (curriculum and assessments, state/district reporting, grants and additional alternate funding opportunities, etc.) 
  • With one school in Philadelphia and one in Trenton, a car would be helpful for completing some tasks 

Expected Start Time
8:30 am

Expected End Time 
4:30 pm

Required Dates 
June 20-Sept 1

Internship Length 
10 Weeks

Meets Certificate Requirement

Additional Info 
Interns can acquire housing on Drexel's campus. There are also numerous apartment options in the area (Norther Liberties is the closest neighborhood) if needed.

It is possible that events with our schools will take place outside of the regular work schedule. Time spent preparing for and/or attending these events will be alanced with the regular work schedule. Dates/times will be communicated in a timely manner.

Interns will need to complete PA background clearances. Young Scholars will help coordinate if needed. Intern will be responsible for associated costs.

Evaluation Excerpt

Because my supervisors were willing to hear me out and collaborate, I got to work on projects that I was interested in. I saw the purpose and tangible effects they had on the school and the students it served.
—Patricia Chen '20

To see whether this internship is still accepting applications for 2018, please check the Second Round page.


To read evaluations written by former interns, please contact the
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