Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - Matthew Edelstein

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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The majority of my time at FERC this summer was spent on one main project. My primary assignment for the summer was to research and put together a report that overviewed major developments in California’s energy policy and how those trends are affecting California’s electricity markets. I had to consider, among other things, the state’s clean energy initiatives, the general regulatory environment in California, and trends in the use of various technologies and their effects on the energy grid. Thus, I spent a large portion of my time researching, analyzing, and synthesizing material from the news and California state agency websites for my report. Since one of the primary missions of the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation (OEPI) at FERC is to identify emerging issues in the markets so that FERC is aware of such issues before they arrive on its plate in a formal filing, the purpose of my project was to prepare a report that could both serve as a reference source for OEPI staff who might not know as much about the scope of developments in the markets in California and help them identify some of the major trends in the region that will have an effect going forward. My project resulted in both my writing a 30-page single-spaced report and giving a PowerPoint presentation to current OEPI staff on my findings.

I found my project to be very rewarding not only because of the satisfaction that it gave me to create an overview for OEPI that would serve as a primer going forward for those staff members who need to get up to speed on the impacts of California’s clean energy initiatives but also because it allowed me to immerse myself in learning about a topic that represents an increasingly important policy issue in the US energy markets. Given the scope of information that I had to consider, I believe that the project was suitably challenging. I feel that my internship served as a valuable educational experience, as it gave me the opportunity to observe firsthand the internal workings of a federal regulatory agency and to see how public policies are developed and implemented.