Supportive Housing Network NY - Rebecca Sobel

Supportive Housing Network NY

The Supportive Housing Network of New York is a membership organization that represents 200 nonprofits which have created over 50,000 units of permanent, affordable housing linked to clinical services, which allows the most vulnerable New Yorkers gain independence and maintain housing. Throughout the summer, I coordinated lobbying efforts and informed providers on policy priorities, analyzed development gaps and funding streams, facilitated best practice discussions and worked with clients to create policy recommendations regarding recently instituted problematic legislation. I also assisted clients in determining appropriate plans for complying with federal initiatives to secure capital dollars for their programs and attended events to maintain connections between The Network and its members and support clients’projects.

Summary of Tasks:

  • Did research and analysis and coordinated discussions of best practices to aid youth providers in instituting US HUD’s priorities and in preparing for the NOFA (next steps would include finalizing a strategic plan for ending youth homelessness in NYC, including educational and advocacy partners, coordinated entry, youth shelter system, supportive housing and long term transition mechanisms)
  • Worked with HIV/AIDS providers to compose a list of asks from the government in reforming eviction and inspection policies (next steps would include submission of these recommendations, a restructuring and standardization of the audit process, and an allowance for entering housing court to collect withheld rents after three case conferences)
  • Calculated funding gaps between federal promised and dollars allocated to housing projects (next steps would include advocacy campaigns publicizing the difference and assuring full promises are met)
  • Analyzed funding losses as a result of low continuum of care compliance with HUD priorities, charted results and hosted webinar to discuss system performance, the need for prioritizing certain initiatives and how to do so
  • Worked with database in compiling contacts, creating program director listservs and updating grant funding information based on 2016 finalized GIWs (no immediate next steps, data now available for future projects)
  • Analyzed the potential units to be built in upcoming months (supportive and low income) using collected applications from various Requests for Proposals (next steps could include reaching out to providers who submitted proposals and assisting them with obstacles with the implementation of these plans if funding is received; applicants who are not Network members can be recruited)
  • Wrote blog posts regarding conferences, openings, groundbreakings and tours (posted on website; potential and current members can observe our commitment to their projects, no immediate next steps)
  • Attended continuum of care meetings to understand the organizational and managerial side of funding supportive housing, along with assemblymen meetings to understand proposed legislation to prevent homelessness (next steps include supporting specific legislation in our advocacy campaigns when appropriate, submitting comments and questions to legislators before the plans are finalized in order to amend policies and ensure they are adaptable in the supportive housing realm)